How To Use a Pendulum

Howtouseapendulum A pendulum can be a guide, a reassurance, or a mystical tool, all depending on the user. Questions are paramount when using a pendulum and are very basic to the answers you receive. Remember the old saying, “Be careful what you ask for…”

To begin, a pendulum is an object that weights a string or cord. A pendulum can be made from anything — shells, stones, crystals, or even rings. Some practical items, like key rings, or fishing weights can be used as pendulums as well. The weight must be able to swing naturally from its string or cord.

Once you’ve determined what kind of pendulum you’ll be using, you should cleanse it, like you would any magical tool. This can be accomplished by holding it under cold tap water, or ideally, soaking it in the ocean. Once cleansed, I find honoring the piece, by putting it on really pretty paper, and placing it on a window sill, especially during a full moon, is perfect for thorough cleansing!

Hold your pendulum with either hand (most people use their dominant hand), between the thumb or forefinger. Let it swing freely in answer to your question. A pendulum works in harmony with your thoughts, the energy fields, and your desires. It may take awhile to learn to separate the conscious left-brain part of our mind with the intuitive right-brain side. Ideally, a pendulum can provide access to that part of our psyche, the knowing “all” within us.

Next begin working with your pendulum by finding out what its responses look like. For instance, ask your pendulum what “yes” is, than ask it for its “no”. Is “yes” a sideways swing? Is “no” a horizontal movement? Be patient, and repeat several times.

Once you’ve accomplished this part, you’re ready for real work. Sit down with feet firmly on the ground, and let your hands lie, palm up, on your thighs. Ask the Universe and your Guides for assistance that will be positive and for the good of all.

Prepare your questions. Ask only those questions that require a “yes” or “no” response.

Will I reunite with my lover? Or Will I get the job I just applied for?

I personally use a rose quartz pendulum because I find color to be very important. Plus the healing quality of the rose quartz helps to access the healing vibration of the energy field.

8 thoughts on “How To Use a Pendulum

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  2. Ariel

    Hi Jacqueline,

    I quite agree about cleansing the pendulum. I personally luv to put mine on the windowcill under a full moon.

    Much luv & lite,

  3. Ariel

    Thnx so much for your kind words, Verbena~! I do understand your concerns about the pendulum.

    I am very warmed by your kindness~!

    Much luv & lite,

  4. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Ariel,
    Very informative article, Pendulums are truly your fiend as well as your guide, it can be helpful in so many ways, I have found that my pendulum works better for me if I smudge it often.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  5. Abigail Ext 9570

    Good Morning Ariel,
    Nicely written and well explained article. I use a pendulum for my hypnosis clients as a body scan it tells me which chakra points are blocked. I taught my youngest to use it to find things he looses LOL. Actually he must have it becasue its not on my desk this morning. It saves me from getting asked 24 /7 Mom do you know where I put my Ipod ….

    Many Blessings


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