5 Gifts You Give to Us

Allowing Us to Read for You is Your Gift to Us

Recently, it was Psychic Appreciation Month here at California Psychics. As a relatively new advisor, I can tell you that California Psychics is highly appreciative of those of us who work here and we are equally appreciative of them.

As an advisor, I am blessed with receiving feedback from many of you after readings wherein you express your thanks for the help, guidance or hope that you have received from Spirit during our time together. Yet there is so much that I too receive from my time with you! I believe that I am speaking for my fellow advisors when I say that we most appreciate each and every one of you who calls.

I am not talking from a business sense, though we do appreciate all of you and your loyalty to the lines. Rather, I mean that there are many ways in which you enhance our lives just by calling. I have outlined a few of these ways below, because I feel it is important for you to know just how we feel about you, and what you bring to us!

Gift 1

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t get the chance to enhance my abilities by working with so many different people. My callers come from many different geographical locations, and I am so blessed to have contact with a cornucopia of personalities as well as people from varying backgrounds of race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, gender, gender identity, sexual preference and belief system. This helps me to really rely on my skills to meet each of your needs and help you along based on your highest pathway.

Gift 2

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t get to meet so many colleagues who are connected by the same goal. You give us an opportunity to be of good service. In communicating through our own forum at California Psychics, I have found many of my fellow advisors to be of the same mindset as myself, in that we want more than anything to help others, to give guidance, support, understanding and most importantly, hope.

Gift 3

You keep hope alive. When I read for you, I peer into your life and get to share with you what is waiting for you beyond any difficulties you may be experiencing. When I share words from Spirit, it encourages you. But your story and Spirit’s words also encourage me. They remind me that my obstacles and challenges can and will be overcome too.

Gift 4

You help to keep me in check. What I speak, I must do. In other words, how can I advise you and give you suggestions when I am not willing to follow my own advice? You keep things real for me and my colleagues and you hold us accountable for our own positive changes and continued growth.

Gift 5

You remind me of what is most important to me. No matter how many times you call me, I am always moved by your strength, courage and vulnerability. When Spirit moves you during a reading, I get to witness that. When you accept the challenges outlined during our time together, it fills me with gratitude. It reminds me how very fortunate I and my colleagues are to be doing this work that comes from the deepest parts of our hearts and souls. I am overwhelmed with thanks at this truly wonderful opportunity to do what I love and give myself completely to it.

Therefore, I extend to each and every one of you my most humble thanks for your time, trust and most of all, your presence.

May we all continue to grow as we walk this pathway together.

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