Your Guide to a Fresh Start in 2014

Set Yourself up for Success in 2014

As 2014 heralds in, resolutions are made and fresh starts are promised. At the beginning of each year we allow ourselves a clean slate, the proverbial “do-over” and a chance to turn over a new leaf and become a new and improved version of ourselves, but where do we start?

1. Do you want a total life makeover or do you only need to change a few things?

Your resolution doesn’t have to be huge. The “do-over” could apply to any area of your life you feel needs improving. Whatever it is you want to change, jot them down on a piece of paper. Make this your wishlist for personal improvement. You need to know exactly what you want to change, so be specific as possible. A lot of people say, “I want to lose weight,” “I want to be happy,” “I want to be healthier” or “I want to be more organized.” These are all great resolutions, but they are a bit too general.

2. Make a list of specifics.

People who outline measurable steps to achieving their goals are more likely to succeed than those who don’t. It’s great that you want to lose weight or be happier, but how are you going to accomplish those goals? Goals are not open-ended. Rather, they are meant to be completed so that new goals can be made. So instead of saying you want to lose weight, you could say I want to lose weight and I will do that by eating healthier and exercising more during the week. Instead of saying you want to be happier, think about what would make your happier and then do it. Maybe taking an art course would make you happy or maybe learning to play an instrument would. These are measurable steps towards achieving your goals.

3. Be realistic and plan accordingly.

One of the reasons why we don’t keep our resolutions is because we often throw so much energy into them in the beginning and then the energy fizzles out. You’re not going to lose 35 pounds during your first few weeks of exercising or eating healthier, so set a realistic goal of losing a few pounds. If you want to organize your entire home, you won’t be able to do it in a few days. Focus on one room at a time instead. If you break your goal into smaller goals, it won’t seem overwhelming.

4. Make a vision board.

There is something to the Law of Attraction—that which you think of and imagine you can achieve. Focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want. Take a day to make a creative poster showing the goals you would like to achieve. Find words, images and phrases that inspire you to remember the goals you would like to achieve. If you want to go to Hawaii, put a picture of Hawaii on your vision board. Your intentions and emotions will be tied to your board, which will help you to stay on course. Place your board someplace prominent like on a refrigerator or next to your desk. Every time you see your board it will subconsciously remind you and act as reinforcement for your goal.

5. Take inventory on what serves and doesn’t serve you in this life.

Purge the toxic relationships, toxic attitudes, habits and behaviors and replace them with healthy alternatives. You’re vibrationally what you surround yourself with, so strive for health in this department. This might be that toxic friend who pulls you into a rut or the food that gives you heartburn. Surround yourself with inspirational people and thoughts. Again, the Law of Attraction works here.

6. Let the past go.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done before or what has happened to you in the past—you have a fresh start now! Don’t look back. Keep marching forward! Today is a new day, a new start, a new way!

7. Be gentle on yourself.

Sometimes we stumble and get off course. Don’t beat yourself up or give up because you’ve had a bad day. We tend to be our own worst enemy when we mess up. Try to remember baby steps and baby attitude. Have you ever seen a baby learning to walk? It gets up, takes a few steps, then falls and gets right back up again. What would happen if the baby said, “I’m so stupid. I can’t get this right! I’m never going to do this again!”? The baby would never walk. Luckily, babies aren’t programmed to give up. Take yourself back to your baby mentality and keep going no matter what obstacles life throws at you. Refer back to step six, if needed. Remember, you are the person you create yourself to be. Make the most of this time and use this fresh start to become the new and improved you in 2014!

20 thoughts on “Your Guide to a Fresh Start in 2014

  1. Carol

    I found an app that is called “Lose it”. I just started it but it looks as if it will be a great help in the upcoming year. Some of you might want to check it out. It is free! smile.

  2. mike crawford

    thank you for your inspiring words i pray and hope this 2014 brings me more peace and happyness and financial brightness

  3. Ming

    well i hve many plans my resoluation is too get married too wonderful woman i met on the internet she is all alone so i want too take care of her i seen all u say an yes my pass is very black but now iam going too move forward one day at a time she has no one she lost bothe parents

  4. Bella

    Very inspirational words of encouragement .. Wooshhhhhh you see how easy that was lol 😉 … You see yes I released ALL of the past negativity lol “” past be gone “” lol 😉 …. Yes I agree with all of thee up above … FYI I personally do think we could – should all be a little bit kinder towards our own self + & 2 each other N return … If I could have only 1 wish my 1 I wish would be 4 every 1 WHO would – could – would give them self a pat on the back tell them selves I did a good job 4 today !!! Also 4 them 2 pick just 1 day a week – & do a random kindness actions … FYI & 2 plz DO it only anonymous choose 2 do random acts of kind ness 4 1 day a week & do it with out saying – telling no 1 what they have done , just do 2 do the kind thing 4 a stranger without ever saying a word let 1s actions speak 4 them selves – other wise if you share – tell then you see it was truly a gift !!!! N these trying times there’s is a lot so much of hurting – sufferings going on out there N this big bad ugly world filled with a of a lot of hurt – suffering out there 2 !!!! Beautiful article Kennedy I don’t know much about you however it’s very well spoken 2 , I’ve always thought you were a spiritual person now I can see THAT yes you truly are A very spiritual person !!!! Thank you lol lol I m not A computer savvy person @ all however I wish I could figure out a way on my own 2 be able 2 print this UP – out lol lol & hang it up @ the cancer center ward !!!!!! Bc I think it would help some other folks out 2 – maybe even might make their own day a little bit brighter lol lol I know it made mine + IT made me 🙂 🙂 AND smile 🙂 🙂 = 🙂 !!!! Thank you very much <3

  5. sashavarda

    Hi Kennedy,
    My friend suggested making a ‘Vision Board’. I looked it up online and found an interesting study.
    People who make vision boards followed through 70% less than people who made ‘Action Boards’.
    Vision boards are something fun to do and cool to look at… but are much less affective than
    making a plan of action.
    Action Boards…. Not… ‘Vision Boards’

    Happy New Year

  6. Gary Clark

    Thank you Kennedy. Let the past go , Be gentle on yourself. I really needed to hear this. I really appreciate who you are!

  7. Ailene

    Wow! This is so true. Thanks for inspiring me with powerful words. Now I need to stop and slow down, being gentle to myself, let go of unpleasant things, be positive and move on.

  8. chuck

    What happened to the other stories on this site, it use to have at least two other stories, helpful hints or good advice on these columns. Please bring them back.
    Sincerely yours

  9. Marilyn

    I need to think about my future be around positive people in order to focus and be able to make good dicisions so I can move forward im all I try and do to get out of a rut that I am stuck in.

  10. daved

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  11. sue

    THANK YOU so much for the inspiration! I do tend to overwhelm myself at times and thinking of doing things in small steps is so much easier. I’ve told myself this before but I don’t listen to myself and end up in a big muddle. Hopefully this will be one of my best years yet! As an elderly lady once told me SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE. Somebody else said ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY which is true. I have to learn to be patient with myself and my goals. Again, Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Laren


  13. Alicia

    Wow! You hit my life right on! You nailed it!Now I have a lot of emotional baggage I need to throw out, time to clean out my head, heart and soul! Thank you, Kennedy and God Bless You!


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