Four Psychics That Can Change Your Life

Tap in to Deep Wisdom With These Psychic Advisors

Are you ready for new opportunities and new love? Ready to move out the old and move in the new? Then it might be time to connect with some of our trusted psychic guides. Here’s four great ones to try!

Psychic Christina ext. 5794

Christina feels her psychic guidance is enhanced by her deep understanding of human nature. With over 30 years of experience as an intuitive advisor and as an extensive world traveler, she has read for all walks of life ranging from royalty to housewives and people in almost all professions. No matter who you are or where you’re from, Christina understands the basic wants and needs of the human spirit.

To start your reading, she will ask for your name and birth date so she can quickly interpret this information using a unique system she calls “The Science of Numbers.” This process allows her to get very clear and detailed psychic information specific to you. Highly clairvoyant and empathic, she will also see images and feel sensations to confirm she is on the right track.

Christina is especially attuned with relationships and applies alternative therapies to bring about healing. Having worked in 15 foreign countries and enjoyed success in her own ventures, she is very comfortable advising you on all aspects of business and career. Highly inspirational, the universal message to her readings is “Self-Empowerment.” She feels a psychic revelation in itself is not the entire answer unless it can be applied to your life in a manner that is practical and easy to understand. Christina sees every reading as an opportunity to help you find the courage to make the right decisions in your life. What can Psychic Christina ext. 5794 see for you? Give her a call!

Psychic Venus ext. 9463

Venus is a clairvoyant with over 30 years professional experience and clients worldwide. Utilizing her gifts of clairaudience, intuition and spiritual healing, she will help guide you in all areas of your life. Her deep desire to help others and her gift as an empath allow her to connect with your emotions and the emotions of those around you. A reading with Venus is accurate, enlightening and empowering. Venus uses no tools. Call Psychic Venus ext. 9463 to touch authentic empowerment and wisdom.

Psychic Lalita ext. 5408

Lalita was born into an eclectic family comprised of an intuitive mother and a father who was a physicist. This influenced her as a reader, making her more investigatory in her approach while maintaining a high level of divine awareness. Lalita can hear and feel the matters of importance during a reading but, she mostly uses her clairvoyance to see one’s life purpose. She is able to see and receive messages from people who have crossed over.

Lalita’s psychic strength lies in her clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient abilities, but she is well skilled at reading a variety of Tarot decks, rune stones and in numerology. Her partially blind, psychic parrot assists in her readings. She is in physical contact with Lalita during all of her readings and may pull cards or runes or act as a medium during the reading. Her parrot also provides additional confirmation for Lalita when she has touched on an issue that needs to be addressed by “tweeting” aloud.

Lalita has been a practicing shaman for over 20 years. She reads on all topics, but specializes in relationships, pets, totem readings and past lives. “I feel seeking knowledge and self-awareness through a competent source is the most important step toward making life changes and improvements. A great reader can open your heart and doors of opportunity in your life.” Call Psychic Lalita ext. 5408 and let her open doors of opportunity for you!

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