Basic Astrology 101

Demystifying Astrology

Astrology is a very complex study. Below is a crash course in the very basics of astrology. It is a spiritual science that does not just come to you; it has to be studied in order to understand it. There are many books and websites that have wonderful information about astrology to help us understand it. It does take some time to absorb all the information, sometimes even years. Once you understand the basics, you can use astrology in your daily life to understand people’s natures as well as your own, and how choosing jobs, partners and other aspects of life comes to be. Please enjoy the beginner’s information below.

The day you were born, all the planets were in positions that make up your natal chart, and this is a constant and never changes. You can say it’s a map of the sky of your life’s energy. In order to have your chart done and be put on the wheel—your own personal wheel of fortune—you need your date of birth, the time you were born and the location of your birth. If you don’t have all of this information, you can still find out where your energies are planet and sign wise by your date of birth, but they will not go on the wheel because the time of your birth determines the rising sign, which is where the wheel starts.

Each sign has a house and a ruling planet and each planet, sign and house has a meaning. The Signs are how (character). They show the way. The Houses are where (circumstances). Knock before you enter. The Planets are what (energy). They tell you who your ruler is. There are 10 Planets, 12 Signs, and 12 Houses. There are two Signs that share Venus (Taurus and Libra) and two Signs that share Mercury (Gemini and Virgo).

The Sun Sign is your mainstay, your basic character, and a good place to start when learning about yourself astrologically. Yet, all the other Signs and Planets in your chart can make a lot of sense if you are not resonating to your overall Sun Sign.

Moon Signs are very important because the Moon is the emotional planet. The Sign your Moon is in will tell you a lot about how you feel. The Moon also moves very quickly around the earth. Every two- to two-and-a-half days the Moon is in another planet.

Mercury is about communication, mental activity, and how you express yourself verbally as well as in the written word, so the placement of this planet is the third runner up in importance. Venus is the planet of love. No matter what sign Venus is in, you can make it work, as there are no bad signs and no bad placements. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the other planets that move around the sun, giving us insight into our karmic path.

Aspects are another factor into the making of your chart. They show how the forces of the planets interact to give you vibrations that lend themselves to the struggles and the productive times in your life.

Each sign has an element—fire, earth, air or water. Each sign has an action—cardinal (motivator, driving force), fixed (planner, plotter), mutable (free flowing, free spirited).

Boy, I know it seems like so much, but as you come to understand these astrological terms and put them to use in your daily life you will see that you too can share information with people to make situations that are more cohesive.

Your homework is to think about the people you know and what sign they are. As you familiarize yourself with the terms in this article, you will come to see how certain human elements appear in each of the signs. Studying people (also our pets) is a fun way to study astrology. You can use the chart below:


When we understand even a little about the Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects we can better create career, love, relationship, creative, and spiritual conditions in our lives.

Feel free to ask questions. Let’s talk shop!

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18 thoughts on “Basic Astrology 101

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  2. virgo

    This is for Amy Pisces rising Virgo sun,
    For what you have described in your blog, yes most of it is true, but you have not looked deep enough as Virgo , yes is ruled by Mercury, but it is only its foster home as Virgo within itself as for its true ruling planet of which has not been discovered but will be in due time and that is the Planet Vulcan, and do not get confused with star trek or anything like that as it has nothing too do with it as Astronomers will be discovering this new planet within good steed and time and as for Taurus it is the same thing as Pan-Horus will be the Taurean signature planet instead of what is known as Venus of today as Venus is the true ruling planet of Libra and again Venus is only the foster planet for Taurus and these planets in time once discovered will be our own true ruling planets as Astronomers are constantly gazing within our universe, and nothing surer these planets will be identified but within good steed and planets are being born every single day throughout our universe and some are perishing but that is life in total things live and things die as it is part of life in general, so there is something for you too think about Amy Pisces rising Virgo sun, so there you have it and bye for now.

  3. -quinn ext.5484

    hi carol,
    good to hear from you. if you join karma rewards you get your chart with details for FREE.
    if you call one of the astro readers some of us have a program on our computers were we can see your chart but we cannot send it to you.
    happy birthday.

  4. Carole K. Minke

    Hi Quinn,
    Thanks for the intro to Astro 101. I have long wanted to see my natal chart, and as my birthday is this month, would like to have it prepared for me. Is this something you can do? How much is it?
    (I was born at 4:15 am on 5/28/58 in Bennington, Vermont) Thanks!

  5. -quinn ext.5484

    hi everyone, i am so happy to hear from all of you. please know that i would love to answer all your personal questions – the only reason i cannot do that is because this is a public forum and it is important to keep your private stuff private.
    there are some wonderful readers astro and more who can answer your personal questions. give us a call we would be happy to help.

    JOHN – love your poem. thank you for sharing.
    MARY ANN – PAM – i am so happy this article was a hit for you gals.
    AMY – i am a main stream astro gal. what you are talking about is astro from the 1700-1900’s. im kinda in the moment here LOL.
    thank you for sharing your thoughts and info.
    LJ – SANDRA – glad you enjoyed.
    MARGARET – you are so right. it is mind boggle-ing sometimes. pretty amazing stuff.

    thank you all so much for reading our blogs.
    ~~~metta waves~~~


    May you help to let me know through your experience that any fortune is there in my life to come in the near future or it will be the same what is it.

    Deatil you may required

    Muhammad Nasir
    25 August 1960
    18:46 hours

  7. Amy Pisces rising Virgo Sun

    Please show the option that there are two trains of thought with astroloigy.
    What you have written shows the new train of thought for rulers of each sign.

    TRADITIONAL astrology is a little different.
    Aries ruled by Mars
    Taurus ruled by Venus
    Gemini ruled by Mercury
    Cancer ruled by the Moon
    Leo ruled by the Sun
    Virgo ruled by Mercury
    Libra ruled by Venus
    Scorpio ruled by Mars while new train of thought lists Pluto
    Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter
    Capricorn ruled by Saturn
    Aquarius ruled by Saturn while new train of thought lists Uranus
    Pisces ruled by Jupiter while new train of thought lists Neptune

  8. john

    Oh beautiful one, adorned with spell
    To ravage my world as might a sweet angel.
    Oh beautiful thing, so much at ease:
    Allure of caressing breeze in touch gentle.


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