Bryce Dallas Howard Claims Psychic Powers

Bryce Dallas Howard, who played the role of the evil vampire Victoria in Twilight: Eclipse, has revealed that she has psychic powers. Why? Because she knew who her husband-to-be was as soon as she met him… and then proceeded to stalk him until he agreed to marry her. Psychic, or just psycho? Monsters and Critics reports:

Twilight star Bryce Dallas Howard claims she had real life psychic powers.

The 29-year-old actress revealed how she pursued her husband before they got together because she knew he was the one.

“The first time I saw my husband I broke into hives and I knew he was going to be my husband,” she told US chat show host George Lopez.

“I went home and I wrote in my journal, then I stalked him for like eight months.

What do you think… is Bryce Dallas Howard psychic, or just overexcitable?

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