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Today, acclaimed director James Cameron’s Avatar hits theaters nationwide. A sci-fi action-adventure (and love story) about a hardened, paralyzed ex-marine (Sam Worthington) who finds his purpose in ways he never imagined – on another planet, in another body – the film is Cameron’s first since 1997’s Oscar-winning blockbuster Titanic. It’s also the first film of its kind visually, boasting 9 foot tall blue aliens and giving audiences a real-D experience of their planet, Pandora. So what is it that makes this visionary director tick? Let’s have a look at the stars and see!

Born on August 16, 1954, you don’t have to look any further than Cameron’s infamous 1997 Oscar speech (declaring himself King of the world) to see that he is the quintessential Leo: strong, stubborn and scene-stealing. Known as much for his intense personality as his precise vision, it’s no surprise that Cameron the man elicits as much of a reaction as his critically and commercially acclaimed movies — not only is his Sun in Leo, so are enigmatic Pluto and temperamental Mercury, the great communicator. In fact, add male-dominated Mars in spear-heading Sagittarius to this mix and you get a third of Cameron’s planets — all in Fire Signs. Translation? This is a person with a big personality, a ton of drive and a knack for getting his point across (not to mention seeing his goals through to fruition). Another point of interest in his chart: James Cameron doesn’t have a single Earth Sign placement… no need to be grounded here, when composed of so much Fire (with Water and Air in almost equal measure close behind)!

So where does the softer side of the writer/director/producer, now on his fifth marriage and known for writing strong female characters come from? Venus in just, beauty-loving Libra for starters, which makes him a true romantic. Then there’s Jupiter (planet of opportunity) in sensitive Cancer, where his intuition-ruling Uranus can also be found. Most of all however, you can look to Cameron’s Pisces Moon, which also explains that incomparable imagination. After all, not only is this Canadian import (who majored in physics before deciding to pursue screenwriting) pioneering the technology used to make his latest movie (which involves over 100 cameras for every shot to get every imaginable angle) – he also co-invented it!

Look for Avatar in theaters this weekend. As the most expensive movie ever made – with the marketing blitz already well under way – odds are, you won’t be able to miss it!

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