Astrology: Your Career Path in 2012

Flow With the Changes in Reality

2012 is very much on people’s minds, with prophecies, harmonics, and astrological alignments all under the media microscope. And while there may be megatrends that affect large populations of people next year, it’s also important to understand how some of the changes to these energies will affect us personally, particularly in the area of our career. Let’s take a brief look at how the positions of the planets will affect each of the signs:

Aries – There’s no two ways about it, 2012 brings hefty changes to your work life. Whether it be additions to or changes within your family to a breakthrough that generates the professional success you deserve, your career has the potential to move up the ladder. You may also decide to use all this energy for change to transform your career into something more suitable or change jobs entirely. Watch for new opportunities as the March winds start to blow!

Taurus – Taurus folk have had the opportunity to grow and develop new aspects of their professional life and explore avenues that were previously closed to them. They have also been fortunate in being able to find the resources for what they need. The biggest challenge Taureans face is deciding which of the many paths before them to pursue. You have lots of pots cooking on the stove, which one contains dinner? Saturn going direct in late June should help you answer that question.

Gemini – Jupiter comes your way in June. More than most, you have been able to settle down and begin to explore the possibilities of making yesterday’s dreams a reality. Many of you are pleased with the way things are going. Don’t let doubts or the confusion of others impede your progress. Your summer skies should be blue, but don’t let competing opportunities derail you. You may find yourself handed a new opportunity in October – does it really fit in your long-range plans?

Cancer – Cancers like their polar opposites Capricorns have been between a rock and a hard place lately. Your professional prospects improve mid-year as a long-standing obligation comes to a close freeing up resources to pursue a more satisfying path. As the year progresses, you find others providing you with the emotional support you are so good at giving others.

Leo – Leos have been blazing in their professional path lately, and that trend is likely to continue, though you may find mid-year that your partnerships and associations with others begin to take precedence over the opportunities you generate for yourself. Others seem to come to you with proposals and projects, and some of these may prove extremely successful and profitable.

Virgo – Virgos have had to rely on their pluck for most of 2011, but the new year should bring a respite from some of the plodding you have had to do to get by. Mars will be going retrograde in your sign in January, giving you the chance to improve your professional standing. November should find you much more satisfied with your career, something extra to celebrate for the holidays!

Libra – It really has been all about you, but the you that begins 2012 is vastly different from the self that began 2011. You have learned a lot, struggled greatly, and improved your standing among your peers so that you start 2012 in a much better position than you began 2011. In 2012 you capitalize on these gains and in the summer may be offered the opportunity to make a dream real.

Scorpio – Scorpios have been on a roller-coaster professionally, and for some of you the ups and down waves are making you so seasick you want to jump ship to a new career. All of 2012 is auspicious for that. Just be mindful of doing so because the new job allows you the opportunity to grow professionally, and/or because it is highly recommended by others. Either case will have you land on your feet like a Cheshire cat.

Sagittarius – Many of you are adapting to new family situations which are also affecting your career. Finding a balance between home and career will be your biggest challenge this year, and you have some astrological help if you divide the year in two – the first half devote to career, and the second to family. This will help allow you to balance your obligations to both without sacrificing either, using the energies appropriately in each half.

Capricorn – Career and Capricorn go together like hand and glove. Capricorns have a natural affinity for knowing what is best for them to do professionally, so it’s best for me to not get in their way. However, you are also dealing with adjustments within your personal life that are affecting your career and vice versa. Make sure that you give yourself time to rest, relax, and recuperate so that the stress does not affect your health. Your bones may be made of stone but you need R&R just like rest of us!

Aquarius – Aquarians have been up against some tough challenges lately. Some that can be laid at their own feet and some circumstances are also to blame. The thing is, is that many of you are in ill-fitting situations. Letting go of the past, moving on, and finding more suitable positions should come your way by mid-summer. Happier times all around after that should abound.

Pisces – Pisceans are about to enter a dream world of their own creation. Your opportunities are limited only by the scope of your pessimism or your ability to walk on rainbows. Your creativity should be at an all-time high generating insights and inspirations that satisfy many of your innermost needs. As the leaves turn ruby and gold a long-term project should come to fruition, serving as a stepping-stone and much welcome career boost.

Good luck to one and all, may you all find the career happiness and success you seek in 2012!

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  1. Jenthet Rabensteinu

    Hi! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

  2. Rickey, Midpines,Ca.

    What a wonderful suggestion to blances career and family, I really was having a hard time trying to figture it out for myself, thank you so much.


  3. sudhir

    i am very confuse to taking my carrier, plz suggest me what i do,
    and i want to know ,ican better in bussiness or service,
    i want to know how many year i will study,

  4. Michele Arrington

    Ihave a crake head boyfriend I care a lot about him, feel sorry for him lost the love just don’t want to see nothing bad happened to him, I plained to get ride of him. He is bipolor He is a exmarine he was A New York cop back in the early part of the eighty I’ve lost hope, I am a CNA I work in a hospital for 22 years in St. Vincent Hospital that closed in April of 2010. I have another job in another HospitalI feel, scard, I feel very Lonely, an very depressed Life don’t feel right know more

  5. Debi

    Is the above Astrological scope for the year 2012 or leading into the year?
    I believe we begin to feel stirrings and vibration the closer we get.
    Thank You….Debi…Gemini !!!
    Also do you go by the global year or birthday year?

  6. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    What great Astrological insight Debbie. Really appreciate this concise yet comprehensive article as to what we may look forward to in 2012, especially for Aries, Libra and Pisces. Thank you!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608


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