Your Astrology Meditations for August 2013

 Meditations with Psychic Phillip and Psychic Casey

Some of our favorite psychics are working with the amazing star power available during August to help you create breakthroughs in your life and build your dreams. Meditation and prayer, especially while focusing on the brilliant energies of the stars, bring you into harmony with the natural flow of life and your personal creative power. If you can’t view the skies, simply close your eyes and envision a window opening to spiritual energies as Psychics Casey and Phillip guide your inner work and share amazing insights.

Psychic Phillip ext. 9485

Psychic Phillip is aware of the power of the stars as seen by the ancient Egyptians and the archangel powers of prayer that are emphasized during the week of August 1 – 7. He focuses on Venus’ relationship to the star Fomalhaut at this time. Phillip describes Fomalhaut as being associated with Archangel Gabriel. It’s important because it’s “the next level closer to Source and the circuit from which all intuition and inspiration originates.”

Psychic Phillip leads our meditations August 15 – 21. The skies before sunrise bring the inspiration to create something offering you a form of immortality as efforts take you beyond physical limitations. Your insightful words and creative efforts have the eternal quality of love. If you have a view of the sky to the west, you’ll see the beautiful star of poetry and music, Vega, “touching the earth” just before Regulus rises with the Sun, wrapped in its light. Psychic Phillip describes the power of Regulus this week in your meditations:

“This week concludes with the Sun-Regulus conjunction. Regulus is one of the 4 Royal Stars of Persia and represents the higher octave of Leo qualities. Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess (Regulus), unites with her father, the Sun (Ra). She follows him and protects him from the serpent. This week energizes all of the Great Lion’s qualities such as creativity, expression, passion, joy, merriment, integrity, courage and taking risks. The Judeo-Christian equivalent of Bast is Archangel St. Michael who is depicted as slaying the dragon. The week of August 15 – August 21 is a period to explore one’s heart in its deepest places and to act on those longings. Commitment to one’s heartfelt truth brings a powerful protection from St. Michael during this week.”

During the period around 3 p.m. PDT, Venus reaches the top of the sky just as Fomalhaut touches its foundation, offering you inspired guidance in creative efforts and love connections. The theme of eternal love fills the eastern skies before sunrise as the late Crescent Moon connects with Jupiter, Mars and the brightest star in our skies, Sirius. This star was the goddess of immortal love and life and was known as Isis to the Egyptians. Psychic Phillip is available for more amazing insights into using these energies.

Psychic Casey ext. 5385

Psychic Casey guides our meditations just after sunset the week of August 8 – 14 when the newborn Crescent Moon joins brilliant Venus in Leo. Planets Venus and Mars are eternal lovers and they are in harmony this week, triggering energy for passion and romance, as well as creative meditations on a career using your greatest talents. Psychic Casey describes August events: “You may be surprised to find a connection between your love life and your sacred spiritual identity, as a new love interest increases your vibration. This new focus of your heart may be the perfect person to accelerate your vision and partner with you in fulfilling your destiny.”

Psychic Casey leads our post-sunset and pre-sunrise meditations for August 22 – 31, putting you in touch with your special gift to humanity. This recognition of what you brought into life to share with humankind will bring the surprising gift of ideal timing in return. This appears as luck in your daily activities. Psychic Casey describes the creative envisioning that can put you in touch with your “lucky break,” opening doors to being all that you can be:

“As we enter the week of August 22 – 31 the star Spica, the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo, shines her blessings upon us via Venus just after sunset. Then Sadalmelek, the alpha star of the constellation Aquarius (whose name is derived from Arabic for Luck of the Kings), bestows good fortune upon us. During this week we are prodded by the universe, sometimes intensely, other times more gently, to draw our attention to our sacred assignments, divine gifts and the talents bestowed upon us.

“The time has arrived when we are meant to become stewards and fulfill the expectation for us to use our gifts for the highest and best purpose. The energies this week create sudden openings and opportunities for using our talents. There may be employment opportunities, mentors, muses and teachers who appear on our path and take us under their wing. Pay close attention to your dreams, visions and experiences at this time. Good fortune surrounds you now and I am excited and honored to serve you and assist you in recognizing it!” Contact Casey.

Both Phillip and Casey are available to you during August to recognize your gifts and seize your highest power.

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