Angels and the Other Side

Psychic Jacqueline ext. 9472’s Near-Death Experience

During my near death experience, I was shown many things. When I first crossed over I was taken to a place called “City of Justice”; this was a time where one’s life is reviewed. At that time, the veil was not removed, so I didn’t remember where I was or recognize faces. I was escorted by a beautiful lady who knew everything about me. She asked how my parents were doing and what they’ve been up to. We chatted like we’d known each other for eternity, but I didn’t remember who she was, I just remembered that she was a kind, loving lady who only had my best interests at heart. She told me that I was going to visit with a group of people who was going to judge my life, and needless to say, I was extremely afraid and feared the worst. As humans, we automatically fear the judgment process, assuming that our life was not good enough, with thoughts that we should have and could have done more. But she lovingly assured me that I had no need to be afraid or concerned.

When it was time for me to meet with these people, I went into the room where they sat in council. One gentlman came and introduced himself, saying that he was going to be the one who would conduct the meeting. The rest of them greeted me by showing genuine concern about how I was. Before we began, they told me that I was going to judge myself, so of course I knew that this wasn’t going to go well. As we began, I found myself in the movie of life, actually living my life again, except in fast speed. I had the ability to feel not only my feelings and emotions, but every participant’s as well. At the end of the first judgment process, I expressed that I didnt feel I did very well at all during my time on Earth.

The gentleman conducting the meeting said, okay, wait, let’s go through the movie of life a second time. This time he expressed that we would look at cause and effect, explaining that you may not have made certain decisions if you were raised a different way, or that if you had different role models in your life then there may have been different opportunities that would have presented themselves. We are all products of our situations, even our environment. But this isn’t an out, it’s just a playing factor. It was said that every circumstance given is a learning experience, a time for growth. As they explained the process, I had a sense of peace overcome me.

The third process was where they judged me. They asked how I treated others. Did I show unconditional love? Did I take care of the elderly and the children? Was a peacemaker or a gossiper? What type of life was I leading?

They had discussed with me a little girl named Amy who was in my first grade. She always came to school in dirty clothes, ratty hair. Often she smelled of urine, sometimes she had socks on, and sometimes she didn’t. If she did they would be mismatched. Usually she didn’t eat lunch, she always sat in the back of the classroom, often by herself. On the playground no one would play with her due to her dirty, smelly clothes. Half of the school year went by, and then one day Amy didn’t show up to school. There had been a fire in her home. Amy was found sitting in the corner where she had been punished on a regurlar basis, and as the home burned nobody stopped to tell her she could leave the corner. Amy passed away. I was asked how I treated her. Had I been her friend?

At the end of the third judgment process, it was not known to me how I did, that is yet to be told. But it was strongly expressed to be kind to everyone, make it a priority to go out of my way to say a kind word, and share a smile. These simple acts have a snowball effect in not only one, but many lives.

To my surprise, not once did they ask what profession I was in, how much money I had made, or what kind of car I drove. No, these questions were never asked, only the question of how I treated my fellow man. To my surprise, those kind deeds do accumulate. Where one may be weaker in an area of one’s life the good deeds can, if you will, give extra credit.

Remember, life is not about what possessions we pick up along the way, it’s about the deeds, the impression we leave behind.

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5 thoughts on “Angels and the Other Side

  1. Jerry

    Hello Jacqueline, I agree that was a beautiful experience & I enjoyed reading it. Thank You for sharing a wonderful thing. I’m often telling people charity begins at home. I’m going through something very strange at the moment with someone putting a hex on me & my husband & our cat, I feel like dying sometimes but the love my deceased Parents gave me keeps me going, plus I make myself remember all the love I had in my growing up these people must not have ever had, & it’s quite sad, so I try to encourage them please don’t be so destructive with me & please stop the physical pain they give us. I miss my family very much but I do beleive their still watching over me, theremuste guardian’s some way for I’m still here. I enjoyed reading your experience it’s lovely. Thank you- God Bless You & yours, Jerry

  2. ellen hemighaus

    Wow!! what a great eye opening experience you had. Thank you for sharing it. I have often said that there is usually no Armoured Brinks Trucks in a funeral procession!! Live your life every day as if its your last!! Then every day will be good, little things won’t matter as much. Be forgiving, understanding, kind, compassionate.. walk in someone else’s shoes, don’t judge. Blessings!!

  3. ndn

    Thank you for this, Jacqueline. My grandmother passed away recently (just a little under 2 months) and it’s good to know that where she is, she is surrounded by unconditional love. She was an amazing person, and valued the right things. She didn’t complain about the lack of material things, but engulfed herself in family and constantly performing good karma. This really helped me to know and understand where she has gone is truly a better place.

  4. misskrystalmisskrystal

    What a wonderful experience, Jacqueline, thanks for sharing.
    There is no doubt that money and possessions cannot buy complete and total happiness.
    And I have learned that most people have something in their life, that they battle issues of temptation with. For some, it’s over indulgence with spending. But I feel that God doesn’t necessarily look at what we have spent, on ourselves, but more so, what part of that do we donate to those who have less than. Therefore, the person who has lots of material goods, could also be a person who donates a lot of their things to charities-They could also not just donate a lot of their belongings, but also donate money to good causes. Spiritually speaking, I always felt God looks at our hearts. There are wonderful people out there that have big hearts who are poverty stricken, middle class and wealthy. Therefore, we should never judge a book by its cover. Charity and love come from all walks of life. That’s why it is so important for us to be reminded, that money can’t buy us happiness, but sharing what we have, well, it definitely makes me feel more whole. So if anyone is feeling selfish, or that they have depended too much on material possessions, please consider making a donation to a good cause. I really feel it helps! In so many wonderful ways.
    God Bless you all. It’s never too late to give and share. Thanks, again, Jacqueline, for not only sharing this priceless message, but also for giving us hope that there are really angels out there that protect us, and the promise of Eternal Life. Such a lovely and profound experience.
    You have had a miracle. This is one of the best near death stories I have ever heard. I appreciate it so much.
    God Bless you, Happy Holidays, Miss Krystal


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