A Short Story

It is a lovely spring day, emoting summer. The warm air is oh-so-soothing to my soul. It is a time when I feel truly blessed as I absorb my surroundings. Ugh! The ordinarily harmless sound of the gardeners across the street (half way down the south side of the block) cutting hedges and mowing a neighbor’s front lawn is irritating. I refuse to have that destroy my reverie; I disregard it and enjoy what’s there for me.

My home appears peaceful and quiet, but I am suddenly in the living room of my neighbors to the right, who are unconsciously violating my living room space, arguing. When I check my radar, I am thankful they are almost finished. My client is looking at me, waiting for me to become comfortable again. As it sometimes happens – like any normal person – when I am unnerved by the amplification of the outside world I take a few seconds to momentarily sit in silence, removing myself and determining how much better or worse the condition will become.

I readjust, making a greater effort to concentrate – to go beyond any present or future interference. As I am working through this, I detect a UPS truck delivering a package to a neighbor across the street. Another unidentifiable heavy diesel slowly creeps, squeaks and sputters along a few feet away from the UPS truck. It stops and starts many times, allowing a few cars to pass by (two fairly new American compacts and one older and small, feisty foreign sports car). I hear the woman two houses south of mine talking to the mailman.

Another neighbor joins in the conversation, making an inquiry. There is a hammer pounding north of me from the first house around the corner. A large dog is barking from the west, directly behind my sweet yet invaded sanctuary. I appear calm, but I am screaming out of my mind. I look towards the small, but effective portable fan on the floor for consolation. It is blowing lightly, facing the open window. I originally placed it there to drown out the noises outside while accommodating my own rising temperature later on – something which automatically occurs when I give a reading. I wait for a couple seconds. Fortunately, the woman I am reading has received many readings with me throughout the years. She knows me and realizes that I have a sensitive personal process to contend with. I decide to indulge myself and scream (for only a few seconds and not loud enough). She nods and waits patiently. As I gloom, I am not surprised to discover the original energy I was operating on at some point merged and became hers. I am aware of my physical presence, yet more aware of hers and how she feels. I have become warm rather quickly. I stop and take a few seconds to readjust the fan on the next speed, aiming it directly on me. The sound of the fan has the same calming affect for me as the ocean. I am relaxed, conducive to receive and to deliver the remaining information that is there. I am aware I am carrying it to and from the fan. I realize what will be said next and why. It is a good, clear connection. I resume working. My client has shifted outside of our connection. Suddenly, she begins looking at me strangely, saying, “Gee, how did you know that?” I look at her in disbelief and think, It’s my job! I choose not to answer her, since I don’t want to interrupt the information – the flow of the reading. Instead, I choose to ride the connection until the session is complete. She understands.

After the reading, she asks, “How does it work? What is the psychic process like? Is it one of feelings?” I respond, “It is like electricity. After you get connected, you turn on the switch and the light is on, to see and comprehend information.”  I also add, “It would be easier for me to write a cook book rather than explain the psychic process and how it works.” As she laughs, my beloved cat uses my left leg as if it were a scratching post. He is hungry and expects her to leave. I think, I will feed my baby, meditate and plan a trip to the desert in the near future for some much needed peace and quiet.

7 thoughts on “A Short Story

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thank You Kathy…..Ethics are very important to me…my GreatAunt was a pioneer in this field…way ahead of her time,I’ve tried to continue on with what she started. This field involves real work, and constant growth on the part of any psychic. I’m older now and plan to pass the knowledge I’ve accumulated over forty plus years on down to my GrandDaughter some day.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. kathy

    It is interesting to hear you talk about our sixth sense. There have been some people in my life (only a couple) that I seem to know exactly how they will react and what they will do in certain situations. Even to the point that they would be late arriving on a paticular night. So much so that sometime I was very upset that the outcome was exactly as I knew it would be. I don’t really know if that is because I knew the people well (one particlar person it was the strongest with) or because as they teach in “The Secret” my thoughts were bringing these results on? I worried about bringing the actions on myself so I tried really hard to change my thinking when I would believe something unpleasant would be coming next and it seemed to still come. So I guess that it was either my sixth sense or justing knowing the person/people very well. Psychic abilities are very intiguing to me. I really do appreciate your “standards” when determining a real gifted, professional psychic that understand he Karmic responsibilites. Someone with other motives can be very hurtful! Thank you!

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    EVERYBODY is ” born “intuitive…it IS the 6th sense. It is stronger in some than in others though.
    The ability to merge , or ” pitching your energy “, and connecting with your guide are all part of the process.
    Personally speaking…..I have very strict standards when training….I used to sit on a board many years ago, I was Senior Board Director and TESTED psychics to certify them.
    I must have tested over 1,200 applicants in the last year I was in that position ( back in 1997), and only passed TWO that showed enough ability to earn the title ” professional psychic.”
    I won’t train people who tell me they have trouble sitting still to meditate.
    ******It ALL starts with the ability to meditate and focus….otherwise they are wasting their time and my time.********
    And I only train people whose gifts are especially strong. Because not everybody is gifted enough to be a professional psychic, hang out their shingle and charge money for it.
    And I only train people who have ethics…..and understand the Karmic responsibilities that come with the field.
    I won’t train people who are looking to get into the field JUST to make money.
    Now…those are MY standards , and I’m only speaking for myself.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    PS… Fairylove,….you have strong empathic abilities….so you might want start there.

  4. believerfairylove

    What a great story…it’s fascinating to hear about your “process” Psychic Rachel…thank you for sharing.
    Do most psychics feel they are born with the gift or can a regular person learn it?? I would assume you would need some sort of natural gift to begin, right?
    But, the gift of merging with someones energy and the gift of speaking to guides are two completely seperate gifts of their own right? How does a person know they can do that?

  5. misskrystalMiss Krystal

    Hi Rachel-
    I told Gina Rose, in another post, that it is good karma to pass your knowledge onto others. It’s also good karma to encourage people when you see they have psychic abilities. I sure do let folks know if I think they are psychic. I appreciate your post. Nice to finally meet and connect with you.
    Miss Krystal

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Please forgive the type-o’s….it’s hard to type with a dog licking your elbow and a kitten trying to kiss you.
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Rachel,
    When you described the ” merging of energies between you and your client”, you are describing, what is termed as ” pitching your energy “,or ” raising your energy “.
    I’ve trained psychics for well over 20 years, that is how I desribe it to my students….. yes, it is a delicate process, and it can work a little different for other psychics.
    But ,you decribed it perfectly.
    Usually your sense of sound increases first, then sight, then smell.Your other 5 senses become acutely aware, as you ” pitch your energy ” to match your client’s ” frequency of energy “.
    It is very hard to explain this process to most clients…..but your story most certainly does help. Thank You for posting it….
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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