5 Shameless Money-Saving Tips

Every Little Bit Counts!

Try a few of these shameless (and fun, too) money-saving tips—you’ll be helping your money stretch farther and faster than you ever thought possible! Guess what? Creatively saving money is not only outrageously good for you and Mother Earth, it’s a growing industry, too!

1. Close up and close down!

Away from your residence for hours at a time? Draw shades and close blinds to save energy consumption. And then, unplug everything except for your fridge and stove. Especially while you sleep. Don’t be afraid to experiment—I guarantee you will have a lot of interesting money-saving stories to tell your friends.

2. Swap, share, barter and ask!

You will not only save money here, but you will become super-connected to amazing people (and maybe a new soulmate too!) Swapsters and sharers: Create groups for children’s toys and clothes, tool-sharing, adult clothes, books and DVDs. Barterers: Make a list of all your skills and unused items you can barter, including cooking, job skills, and start to barter for what you want and need. Askers: Don’t assume those major chains including home improvement stores aren’t willing to discount. Ask and you will receive!

3. Remake and re-use!

It’s the latest thing on the fashion and decorating networks to refurbish and renovate clothing and furniture—get the whole family or friends involved for your own fashion and furniture redesigns. You will help yourself and your family create a whole new series of skills. Reuse your furniture—upholstery threadbare or old? Paint that wood—it’s the latest style. Create easy to do slipcovers, and if you don’t know how to sew, ask a sewing friend to help and make slipcovers together!

4. Think “free” before thinking “buy!”

Always always always research “how can I get this free” before you start thinking “How much can I spend.” The internet will be a major resource to locate free goods, including garden items, clothes, furniture, etc. Remember, you’ve already learned about swapping and bartering, so you are ready to think “free” at this stage!

5. It’s not just a computer, it’s a giant coupon!

Look at your computer in a new way—there are thousands of coupon deals, coupon groups and discounts available every day. Virtually everything you buy and do can be found at good to extreme discounts. Start shopping with a new rule—before you buy anything, you look for the coupon or discount you know is right there in your computer.

And, dear shameless money savers, as you start to create new and innovative ways and means to outrageously save money, remember too, that money-saving and recycling internet companies and careers are now one of the fastest growing business trends! The money you save may be your next career or company you create!

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4 thoughts on “5 Shameless Money-Saving Tips

  1. ben underwood

    i have done all those money saving tips and i have johnson county elec.co op in alvarado,texas,76009,and they own the powerlines and they willnot let me change elec.companys,my electicity runs about $20.00-40.00 a month and by the time they get through with me im paying $100.00 a month and they give me 10 days to pay the bill or they turn it off,winter or not,and im am disaled,they charge a huge reconnect fee.they tell me this over the phone,and they willnot lt me say anything,they hang up on me.isnt it against the law to dominate electric customers?

  2. Lynda

    I love it!! I did a copy/paste to print later and stick on my home office bulletin board with plans to follow every step, thank you so much…..

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  4. Suzi Wallis

    While you are saving all this money and looking for everything free or cheap or copied or swapped just remember that you and your kids want to earn a living !!! The more we don’t buy or buy really cheap made by very cheap labour means that there is less to go around, I am not judging because I do it myself to some extent but just think about it, even if recycling is an up and coming industry.


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