When Psychics Disagree

When two or more psychic versions of your future are different, which one do you believe? Say you wanted a second opinion so you called for another reading, yet the information you got doesn’t quite match your first reading and you’re a little confused.

You don’t have to try for two out of three readings to get a true sense for your future, our psychics say. Knowing more about how the process works can help you resolve any questions you may have on conflicting information – and your psychic can help.

Our psychics agree that if you are getting a very different reading on the same question let them know while it’s in progress. They deal with the challenge of giving updated opinions every day and they’re very happy to give you their personal insight into any unease you may have.

So why would two readings offer two different viewpoints on your situation?

Because they’re just that – viewpoints! Think about the mind-boggling “elephant through the keyhole test.” If you look through a keyhole and the elephant is far enough away, you might first see the entire elephant, or maybe something that appears to be a gray wall. If the trunk is the only thing in full view, you may think you’re seeing a snake. If the elephant moves a bit more, you may only see its leg, which may appear to be a tree trunk. So in many cases, what a psychic sees may be a matter of interpretation.

So with the idea that life isn’t static, we can understand that a number of factors can combine to create differences in readings. A reading is much like a balance sheet. It’s a picture of what is happening at this time. It doesn’t mean that one person is more correct than another… It’s just what is happening now, our psychics explain.

“Very often I can point out areas of agreement, and show that the messages have just been expressed differently,” states Maryanne ext. 9146. “If one psychic read that a love interest had found someone else to date and the second psychic predicted that in three months the love interest would miss the caller and attempt to contact them, both psychics could be looking at separate aspects of the same future.”

When it comes to love and relationships, when two readings are different, often it can be because something or someone has shifted since the first reading, our psychics point out. All it takes is one person to change their mind and the whole reading is altered in some way. The primary metaphysical principle that rules in any reading is the spiritual concept of free will – the fact that everyone has the ability to make their own decision and choices.

Some psychics look at the big picture, others hone in on the details. Questions can be worded differently, a client can be in a different place emotionally, people have different connections with psychics, guides can come into the reading, or not appear at all, and the energies can be quite different.

Our psychics also tell us that it’s up to the person who is receiving the readings to listen carefully then digest the readings. Just as you would do with any other advice, weigh the pros and cons and make your own decision as to what to do. After all you are calling different psychics to get varying viewpoints. “Accept readings as guidance for your soul.” Maryanne philosophizes.” Don’t expect a reading to tell you to turn right or turn left, or you will be disappointed. Ultimately the decisions are yours to make. It’s your life!”

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