Your Weekly Tarot Reading: January 21 – 27

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: January 21 - 27

The Power of Tarot

Your weekly tarot reading returns to the wild in the form of The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. Ryan believes tarot is a journey, not a hierarchy, and tries to link our consciousness back to nature with his special deck. This is the time of the wanderer, which comes up frequently in this week’s cards. It’s also the time of stones, which represent the earth element and shows up quite a bit in the cards this week too. Let’s enter the woods together!

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Day (Five of Stones, Protection): A child dressed in skins sits at the entrance of a cave, meaning it takes inner strength to protect yourself and survive the challenges of life too. Of all the qualities a spiritual warrior or seeker on a journey must possess, spirit and the will to endure are the most important. Life is a contact sport and there will be bruises but the desire and willpower to survive and recover from setbacks are vital and necessary.

Evening (Four of Stones, Protection): A newborn fawn shelters beneath a dolmen as the midsummer sun rises. The sun’s rays then stream onto a dark blue sky where stars shine. The rising sun brings hope and renewed vitality to the vulnerable, and being able to endure times of turbulence is the sign of a strong heart and healthy spirit too. You must keep the faith that the sun will rise again for all those who are in peril and it will also offer fresh opportunities and spiritual rewards. Each act of selfless protection certainly revitalizes the spiritual warrior.


Day (Queen of Vessels, Salmon): Salmon represent self-sacrifice with their ability to swim upstream and spawn, which certainly leaves them exhausted and they may die. This card represents someone tender-hearted and kind, sensitive and intuitive, with a strong romantic streak too. This card reminds you to proceed virtuously and be emotionally mature, according to your weekly tarot reading. It also represents comfort, psychic perspectives, dreams, and visions. Are you leaving yourself open and unguarded?

Evening (King of Vessels, Heron): Greeting the dawn, often alone, the heron is said to be gifted with psychic perception and reflection. This card represents a person in your life who is a mentor and whose tolerance gives him/her a peaceful demeanor. Exercise diplomacy and keep an open mind. Promote equality too. This card may also represent an event or exposition, an art show or a creative display of some kind. Where is tolerance needed in your life? Who is depending on your support?


Day (#21, The World Tree): The World Tree marks the end of the wanderer’s journey, but the beginning of another, according to your weekly tarot reading. The wanderer sets out with innocent, childlike curiosity and also gathers wisdom. Finally, he enters the heart of The World Tree to become one with the wholeness of the universal mind. The Universe and all its blessings are certainly available to everyone who seeks knowledge and wisdom with a sincere heart.

Evening (Page of Vessels, Otter): The otter is sacred to the Celts as it can easily move between land and water. You can weave a spell that few can resist, as a dreamer and visionary. This card represents a good sharer, who’s intuitive, reflective, and joyful in turn. Consider contemplating things with a considerate heart and serving with love. Meditate too. Do you need to share your feelings?


Day (#15, The Guardian): The bleached white skeleton of a great cave bear stands to guard the entrance to a cave. You must face this bear and your own fears before you proceed. It’s about protection and initiation linked to wilderness/nature, fertility, fierceness, ecstasy, and sexuality too. A challenge is about to arrive and the situation is complex. It could be an inner realignment or some physical predicament.

Evening (#0, The Wanderer): Standing on the edge of a cliff, the wanderer prepares to step across the abyss and into the wildwood beyond. Ahead lies a rainbow, onto which the wanderer must step. Tonight, set aside the burdens of the past. The wheel of the year is beginning its great cycle, bringing a new range of possibilities and challenges too. You have come to a turning point in your life, and your spirit must move on as the desire to leap into the unknown beckons. Let your imagination carry you into a new set of possibilities.


Day (Queen of Bows, Hare): Hares have been linked to the spring and sexuality since Celtic times. They also represent a companion through life, who’s sympathetic and understanding, who supports you and who strengthens your resolve. The Queen is a popular and dedicated person who has great self-assurance. This card represents outgoing warmth but also jealousy and rivalry, according to your weekly tarot reading. How do you influence those around you?

Evening (#11, The Woodward): A hunter wearing a mountain lion mask holds a bloodied spear in one hand and the cup of giving, intoxication, and compassion in the other. The Woodward symbolizes the inner power that comes from facing fear and understanding the nature of darkness too. He says, “I am not a victim. Treat me with respect.” Through adversity, we find the courage within ourselves that flows from an unknown source. The Wildwood Tarot certainly has much to teach humanity about calm, resolute strength.


Day (Ten of Stones, Home): There’s a great arch made up of 10 weathered stones. Through the arch, we glimpse an iron-age, round house with a path leading to it. This card represents trusted friends, comrades, and lovers who offer security and affection. There’s a focus on the concept of “home” in your life. For children, home is a place of security and caring. For young adults exploring the world, home can be wherever they lay their hat. In later life, a home may become your own heart’s stronghold and sanctuary. For some, it is truly where love resides.

Evening (Ace of Stones, The Foundation of Fife): A tall rock erupts from the earth shaped like an ancient spearhead. At the center is the labyrinth design. This card means it’s a good night to focus your thoughts and bring about real-world change, a wish, dream or desire. You can make it physically manifest. The primal rock is decorated with cup-and-ring markings to express the emergence of creation and the point from which to plan and empower your life.


Day (#16, The Blasted Oak): A figure falls from a severed branch of the lightning-struck oak. The Universe has the power to create, and the power to destroy. All you truly have is what you have learned. As you fall, the power that floods your senses with pain also cleanses and burns away the illusions and falsehoods. What appears to be a random destruction of your beliefs and relationships is actually timely and natural. You are suddenly liberated from being a powerless victim. Be patient, wait, and learn from the process of loss.

Evening (#2, The Seer): The Seer is wrapped in the owl’s cloak of wisdom, decorated with totem animals of power and shamanic spirits. The Seer represents insight that is gained from the stillness of the sojourn with the hooded man. The Seer acts as a mediator of the feminine intuitive and imaginative principle. The time has come to focus your power and let it flow through you. It’s also a good time to heal your relationship space.

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