This Week in Tarot: September 25 – October 1


The Power of Tarot

No matter what deck of cards I am using, I ask the cards “What is in store for the week?” Then I shuffle the deck. The Osho Zen Tarot is a mirror that reflects the essence of the questions asked of it. There is no judgment; it is a journey of discovery and transcendence.

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EXISTENCE – I Major Arcana. To be alive, the wonderment of life itself. What a grand day to have this card come up! It shows that it’s a day to celebrate oneself with the sun, moon, stars, sky and water, which keep us and the planet alive. There is only one you. In the evening, THE MASTER. There is no number for The Master is Zen; he is enlightenment. Tonight is one where the vibrations are high and when seeking knowledge one must approach the teacher with love and an open heart.


FIGHTING – Knight of Clouds. First you see it. Then you wonder if this day is going to clear up or if we will only be getting glimpses of the Sun. Keeping calm and not allowing others to ruffle your feathers is the order of the day. There will be some outbursts and other unpleasant goings on. But once you’re on your way home, the drama ends. In the evening, PATIENCE – 7 of Rainbows gives you the balance you needed hours ago. Meditation washes the negative energy away and clears your mind.


EXPERIENCE – 3 of Fire brings the passion to your door. Excitement fills the air with the onset of new projects that have you doing research with a beloved friend. There is a call from nature beckoning you to be outdoors. It will prove to be worth the effort. In the evening, STRESS – 7 of Fire rings the doorbell. The rethinking of goals is a good idea as some of the ideas that have been presented are somewhat neurotic. Not giving into the group mentality will keep you safe from the stress.


THE REBEL – IV Major Arcana. Breaking away from the ho hum of the everyday is a great idea. After all, it’s hump day and you have two more days to finish up what needs to be done. Leaving work early will not hinder your reputation; you are viewed as a genius. In the evening, THE MISER – 4 of Rainbows has us looking over our bank accounts and making sure all our money is where it should be. Someone is calling for a loan, but do not give it unless you can give it as a gift. As a loan it will not be coming back.


RECEPTIVITY – Queen of Water flows with gentle vibrations, washing away any doubts as the day moves forward. There is a sense of being exposed in a way that is not cause for concern. It is a time when others are privileged to get to work with you and get to know you better. In the evening, NO-THINGNESS V – Major Arcana. Here we have a card that is totally blank. It is a sign of the vast amount of universe there is and how one can meditate and fall away into the void, relieving all pain and suffering.


TRAVELING – 8 of Fire takes us to the mountains and gets us closer to the Sun. With the change of the seasons, this card is showing that taking some time out for a quick getaway is in order. On a spiritual note, this card talks to us about life being a continuity; there is no destination—only the here and now. In the evening, COMPLETION XXI – Major Arcana. The week went well. All the tasks were done and a feeling of accomplishment leads you into the weekend. Life is like a puzzle with many pieces that fit together to form a picture. At this time, the last puzzle piece was put in and now we can move onto other things.


ORDINARINESS – 8 of Rainbows paints the way for a simple time, enjoying the beauty in life to the fullest. With different paths to choose from there is no wrong way, making this Saturday one that leads to surprises. In the evening, BEYOND ILLUSION XX – Major Arcana transforms us. With the third eye open and very aware we can delve into conversations about the mystical parts of life. It’s time to let go of the opinionated mind.

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      Hi Janice,
      If your heart is telling you he loves you the energy is there and it is time to ask him what his intentions are for moving forward with you.
      It would be great to hear that he does love you.
      Wishing you the best in love and happiness,

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