This Week in Tarot: October 9 – 15

The Power of Tarot

The Soulful Woman Tarot comes to us this week with guidance and wisdom to make this a time of growth and letting go of the old. With holidays coming up fast we need to focus on what is important in our lives, while enjoying the process of celebrating.

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PRINCESS CHARMING. If you’re waiting for them to come back or you’re waiting to meet a new love, let it all go. Today is the day to clear your heart chakra by taking care of your own needs. This is necessary in order for you to achieve empowerment. This is your day. In the evening, THE UNKNOWN. Having the next phase of your life revealed to you comes through meditation and/or prayer. You leave the place of “I don’t know” and move into a new dimension. Realization opens your eyes to your soul’s growth.


BOUNDARIES. This is such an important card; without boundaries life can be chaotic to say the least. Know that it’s okay to say “no,” but if you want to say “yes” that’s your choice. Having boundaries protects you, nurtures your intentions and allows you to be firm on your path. In the evening, FOLLOWING MY TRUTH. In the stillness of your mind the truth is uncovered, helping your life to be authentic. It’s an evening of empowerment as you thought long and hard about the direction you’re taking.


THE FLOW OF PARTNERSHIP. One day you’re in and one day you’re out. That is the nature of relationships—the constant ebb and flow. Learning to be at peace with each part of the process is what the day offers. Trust your awareness as you are guided in the most perfect direction. In the evening, TRUE WORTH. This is a heart chakra card. It’s the essence of compassion and if you put your hands on your heart you can feel the vibration of your self-worth. There is no good or bad energy, just energy that’s yours to use.


DREAM SEEDS. It’s not always easy to live life on life’s terms and today is one of the hardest days. Letting goals unfold as they will requires patience. Take good care of the ideas you want to manifest and allow for room to grow your bounty of splendor. In the evening, SELF-BELIEF. Holding the keys to the kingdom of your knowledge that is filled with old-soul wisdom makes tonight a refreshing time to unwind. Knowing you hold the magic is the key.


LISTENING TO MY BODY. There have been times when you have taken a beating by working too hard—not taking vacations and putting everyone before yourself. Today is the day to pay attention to your movements, your state of mind and your body. Remember your body is your temple. In the evening, SANCTUARY. After a long day and paying attention to your personal needs you retreat to your sacred space to recharge. Offering gratitude gives you peace of mind. By being still your attention/energy returns to your body with comforting fortitude.


APPRECIATION. What a lovely day to feel the goodness of your actions. As you feel this goodness the universe also picks up on your energy, empowering you throughout the day. The smallest actions to the biggest power moves are equal in how you present them. The nervous energy you were feeling has eased up and you can now let go of it, bringing a calm to your being. In the evening, POWER OF MY VOICE. This has been a week to clear out the old. When speaking your truth, do it with compassion so you are heard. Loud voices will cause conversations to shut down. Speaking your mind will open the door to hearing others.


THE POWER OF SUPPORT. The third eye is opened and you see the precious gifts life has to offer. You can relax and allow your intuition to be your guide. Be grateful for the support of those who have been on your journey with you as you have grown into who you are today. In the evening, LOVING FROM THE INSIDE. Feeling all of your senses is a delicious treat. You are awake. Enjoy the weekend.

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