This Week in Tarot: October 16 – 22


The Power of Tarot

Let’s hear more from the Soulful Woman deck. Using these Tarot cards has become a very emotional experience. The beauty of the 27 artists speaks volumes and many times while writing I have to stop and take a breath. Enjoy this week as the soul is nurtured.

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INFINITE SELF. Today is a day of great healing. You allow your mind to go through the process of positive thinking, and you do not intend to look back. As you live this day in positive energy, you have created a feeling of bliss that becomes eternal. In the evening, ASKING OPENS A PATHWAY. You have discovered that the questions and answers are within you, making you stronger and wiser. Asking opens a doorway to the unexpected, filled with new information.


FEMININE LAW OF ATTRACTION. You’re loving the creative adventure that is your life. Start the week off with guided meditation that brings you to the choices you are considering. Knowing that The Law of Attraction works makes this Monday one that allows your goals to manifest. In the evening, SOUL’S TRUTH. As you gaze around your home, you get the sense that it’s time to clear out some of the clutter that has accumulated. You need space not only in the home but in your mind, and when you clear out the old, the beautiful realization of your soul comes to light.


GRACE. Each time you give thanks, the vibration of grace grows within you. In order to receive blessings one must be open to the rhythm of the universe. The ebbs and flows of gracefulness are embedded in your life and you give back with loving kindness (metta). In the evening, MY CREATIVE POWER. The genius that lives in you is bursting to come out with creative ideas. Do not hold back! Allow this feeling to move you to your next project. There is a passionate storm brewing and it is marvelous.


I EMBRACE MY BODY. In life we often become too critical of how we look. Today is the day to cut those ties to what is considered beautiful or handsome. Knowing you are perfect in your own skin allows you to make choices that will propel you to goals you have set for yourself within your body, mind and spirit. In the evening, SOUL’S JOURNEY. There is a magic within each of us and if we allow for it to manifest in its own time, on its own terms, we find happiness. Tonight is a time to embrace your journey.


ANGER AS MY SACRED ALLY. Anger is a very passionate feeling that helps us to feel liberated. But taking anger and turning it into a positive force allows for growth. It is time to set boundaries to protect yourself from your anger. In the evening, SELF-RENEWAL. Here we go again with the clearing out of the old. The new season beckons us to renew our thought patterns and get rid of the ideas we are not using. Having mental space is important as new ideas and knowledge are on the way.


EMBRACING CHANGE. With all the clearing out you’ve done, there is a feeling of loss. Letting go of the old is not always easy, especially when it comes to relationships. Today you can embrace the room you have made and welcome new and wonderful people and experiences. Faith and wisdom hold hands moving you forward. In the evening, TIME OF FALLOW. Breathe in breathe out. Let yourself go into your sacred space. It is a resting time and one that allows for quiet time and deep sleep.


SERVICE AS CO-CREATIVE. No matter how much or how little you serve, it is all taken into consideration by the powers that be. Efforts are always rewarded. Devoting one’s life to kindness, compassion, patience and good humor brings success in many forms. What can you offer today to raise your consciousness and fill your heart? In the evening, AGELESS BEAUTY. Getting older is a gift—one that will inspire us with strength and grace. The gifts, the mysteries, the mistakes and the shortcomings give us the power to grow older with wisdom and an understanding of the unique texture of our souls.

8 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: October 16 – 22

  1. Maria

    I’d really love to know if my marriage is truly in trouble, or if there is any way to repair and find the love that my husband and I once shared?

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Maria,
      After long periods of time often marriages become complacent or stale. When you want to change the dynamics of a low burning flame within a marriage you have do the work. Is in trouble different than truly in trouble? Repairing love energy is possible. Think moving forward and in the moment, going back to what it was might only create the same results a few years from now. So with that said you need to find new ways to fan the flame – and new ways to keep it going. Communication with your husband and his thoughts would be helpful.
      I know you can fix it…. call if you need more insight from any of our great love experts.
      Love & Light,

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      hi Tammy,
      for a specific reading calling and talking to a reader would be the way to go. This is not an astrology article, it is for all who enjoy the messages the tarot has to offer.
      thank you for your comment and reading the blogs.

  2. Maria

    I have curiosity about my future after my fiancé passed away! I will find some one again I will be happy or my future is to be single!

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Maria,
      My condolences to you my dear, it is so hard to lose a loved one. Love came to you once and it will come again. So while you can enjoy the freedom that being single brings.
      Wishing you new love and a long lasting forever relationship…
      Love & Light,

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Mae,
      When you learn information you can take it and use it to your advantage… take the wisdom of the tarot and make this a great week by taking into consideration what and how you can do for your highest good with the knowledge provided.
      Giving up is not an option. 😉
      Love & Light

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