This Week in Tarot: November 13 – November 19

The Power of Tarot

This week we are going to take a deeper look at our past lives by focusing on the name of each card through meditation. This will trigger past memories. As you feel the emotions surface, know that it is karmic energy entering into the now. When compassionate vibrations embrace you there will be a realization of how the past affected your present. Once again the Past Life Oracle Cards guide us through this week in Tarot.

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SCRIBE OR WRITER. Writing is such a wonderful outlet. If you do it for fun or the art of telling a story it can be one of the most revealing parts of who you are. Keeping a journal is an old school way of writing, yet it can be very rewarding as years go on. In a past life you wrote, and now it is time to write again. In the evening, ANGELS. This card comes to us from the divine energy of the universe, showing us goodness and humanity. Spread your wings and do something good for yourself or someone else tonight. Know you are a guide to many.


ORPHAN. The fear of being alone comes from an experience from many of your past lives. Ponder this card, searching for the reason you feel abandoned in relationships. This experience has given you independence to be your own person. In the evening, FATHER. Many times your father was part of your past lives. He was your hero and a man of strength. He was also hard to deal with at times which taught you how to be the person you are today.


FOOD AND HUNGER. In a past life you were hungry and went without food. This brings up issues in the now about how your relationship with food connects to the past. Do you ask others if you are too thin or too big? Do you have a hard time eating healthy? This is a past life issue. If you learn to release the negative you can fix this issue. In the evening, GALACTIC. This card shows that it’s your first time on this planet. If you feel a bit odd or out of place it’s because this world is new to you. A star traveler in the past, you have come to nest on earth. Welcome to your new home.


LOVE LIFE. If you think about the loves from your past, it will take you to the magic of love from other lifetimes. In your mind’s eye see a pink rose with soft petals, without thorns—there is nothing to hurt you now in your love life. Validation comes for the one you are with, for better or worse. In the evening, FORGIVENESS. Anger eats at you no matter who you’re angry with—you are the only one to feel the pain. Let go and forgive. As hard as it is, this will liberate you from pain and suffering. Open your heart and mind to healing.


MALE-FEMALE. Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t! Acknowledge that you have lived your lives as both genders. In doing so you have a deep perspective of what each gender contains. Use this to your advantage as you are a perfect yin yang. In the evening, PERSECUTION AND INQUISITION. Thank goodness we no longer look at those with spiritual gifts fearfully. In the past you held many advantages and were not accepted among those who did not believe. In this lifetime you bring a great awareness.


HEALTH. You are a wise healer with many alternative ways to get the job done. You were sent out to fix those with heartache as well as physical ailments. A sense of the body has been yours through each life and to this day you share your wealth of knowledge to help others. In the evening, IMPRISONMENT OR SLAVERY. When a person’s rights and freedom are removed, they must do their best to keep a mindset of peace. Being striped of one’s rights gives an understanding of what it’s like to be confined. In this life you are a freethinker and fighter for the rights of all to be free.


HIGH PRIEST OR PRIESTESS. The knowing of being in this realm of experience never leaves. There is a quality to your work and achievements that has come with you from this energy of greatness. This card wants you to put those abilities to work. In the evening, FINANCES. Those who lived in tribes or within a communal wealth often struggle with money. Money can be a roller-coaster ride with its coming and going. It can be changed now that you know where the vibration comes from. As you meditate on this, know that you can grow your money and develop a wonderful relationship with it.

8 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: November 13 – November 19

  1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

    Dear Tina,
    The first card was about food and hunger living on an other planet.
    The second card is about the first time on earth.


  2. Tina

    I usually read this weekly but this weeks’ one is leaving me confused. If you check Tuesday’s reading it is a contradiction – first it says that ‘in a past life” and the very next sentence says that ‘first time on this planet’. Could you please clarify. Thanks

  3. Kathy

    Hi, Quinn,

    I have no particular reason for posting to you other than to let you know how much I’m enjoying your Tarot for the Week columns every Sunday!! Keep up the great work, and thank you!

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      Hi Kathy,
      I cant think of any better reason to post than letting me know you enjoy our blog articles.
      Love & Light,

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