This Week in Tarot: March 5 – 11

The Power of Tarot

This is a time when taking chances can change your life. Although it can be scary, I will ease your mind by giving some sage advice from the Tarot of the Sidhe. From these beautiful cards, we will explore the ways to take a chance on all paths in life. Therefore, this will be our “go for it” week.

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DAY – MAKER SIX. Generosity. You observe the bounty within your life. However, it is time to also be observant of those less fortunate. What can you do to make your community a better place? Today is also the day to be aware of your environment on a broader scale. It is also a time to give back for your blessings. EVENING – WARRIOR TWO. Power Awakes. An awakening of your inner warrior is happening, giving way to strong and powerful energy. This is certainly a creative time to explore your partnership and your own power.


DAY – DREAMER PRINCESS. Gift of Telling. Here you have a conundrum of morality. Do you speak up or keep the information and guard it with your life? It is definitely hard to have information that can hurt others. However, if not exposed, others will be damaged by that information. Consider if the price of speaking up is of greater value than keeping silent. EVENING – WARRIOR SEVEN. A Hero’s Challenge. Those who are fearful cannot stand up to challenge and change. For those who are brave and mindful, the battles will certainly be won. Be sure to have faith in your strength.


DAY – DREAMER FIVE. Hope Discarded. Now is not the time to give up on your dreams. Life is beautiful when you have dreams and goals. Whoever brought you to the point of throwing in the towel is not worth the energy. That is a different kind of giving up. If you are struggling, it is certainly okay to let the struggle go and replace it by rethinking the goal and how to manifest it. EVENING – THE HANGED MAN. Change your thinking, change your life. With the vortex swirling beneath, the pull is magnetic. It is a time to release the old, so meditate and use patience to move forward. It will be a challenging evening.


DAY – WARRIOR NINE. Guardian. With tension in the air, it is important to be mindful of your actions. If you do, you will definitely complete what needs to be done and the protective energy around you allows you to hold your ground. EVENING – DANCER TWO. Soulmates. Tonight is a night of reflection. Therefore, talk things out, because you are meant to be together. This is certainly a trusting, harmonious partnership.


DAY – DREAMER FOUR. Restoration. The renewal of dreams comes and heals your soul. Take a chance. Your relationships with coworkers are positive and they are certainly on board with your ideas and want you to be successful. This also means that rising up will give you a feeling of wholeness. EVENING – MAKER SEVEN. Effort Sustained. You will definitely find the stamina to be involved in your spiritual work. Your willpower and determination prove to be a force that not only gives you strength but gives strength to those you love as well.


DAY – DANCER QUEEN. Gift of Truth. Speaking your mind with complete truthfulness is a chance you want to take. It is of the greatest importance to share your feelings. Caring for those you love often involves self-sacrificing. However, do not worry, because what you give you will get back.  EVENING – DREAM PRINCE. Gift of Liberty. With quick thinking and a clear mind you find the right words to say to the love of your life. You certainly inspire with a practical sense of awareness, making this a night to remember.


DAY – THE WARRIOR. Fire. Passions run high and delving into a personal project works beautifully today. The creative energy is running high, so do not stop until you finish your project. The will power is certainly there to use. EVENING – MAKER PRINCE. Gift of Connection. There will be an owl appearing either in a dream or outside in nature. This is also the symbol of connection. Hold your loved one tight and know that this relationship is right.

5 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: March 5 – 11

  1. Lynda

    I wish that the new week’s reading starting on the Sunday was available as of the actual Sunday ! It is now Monday and the Thois week in Tarot readings are still not available, a little disappointed .


    1. dmarantzdmarantz moderator

      The article was published at midnight on Sunday, so it should have been available to you. Did you refresh your browser?

  2. Josie

    Your Weekly Tarot cards is awesome. I find it very interesting Variety of Tarot Cards has their own individual meaning.It’s very intriguing&I always looking forward each week reading it. I’m also interested about the Totem Animals. Sorry if this is wrong. Tried several times to have connection with you. I know that you can answer this questions with satisfaction in my heart. I will try to connect with you again. I Thank You for your time reading this. ALOHA

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

      Hi Josie,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am going to use my Animal Totem Tarot in May. Next month I have a deck that I am in love with and will be using them the whole month.
      If you look at my schedule you will find I do take appointments.
      There is also a blog I wrote about the placement of the Animals and what purpose they serve as guides. Go back to the summer and it should pop up.
      In any case I would love to share that information with you.
      Once again thank you for reading our blogs and taking your time to leave your thoughts.
      P.S. I will look up the blog and post it here for you… 🙂

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