This Week in Tarot: January 29 – February 4

The Power of Tarot

With simple elegance and the manifestation of forgiveness, The Grace Cards will guide us on our quest for prayers of thanks and allow us to be strong during the process of transition. Let all wrongs be made right! May the grace of the highest universal power dance around us, and bring about the time we need to finish what needs to be done. Here is your Tarot reading for  the week.

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DAY – FAITH. It is often hard to keep the faith—especially within ourselves. But doing so makes us stronger in our spiritual beliefs. However, if one is not religious, faith in yourself helps to keep you on your path without fear. All the things that need to be done are experiences life put on our personal paths. There is a reason, and understanding how faith is a guide allows us to also be the strongest we can be. EVENING – ACT. Grace will meet your needs, and moving forward at a fast pace certainly enhances your energy. When we add grace with faith we win.


DAY – LOVE. Sharing love is the deepest expression of grace. Therefore, it’s time to open the heart and allow the beauty of love to filter through. There is nothing greater than love. If your heart is open, reach out to the person you long for. EVENING – SURPRISE. With an open mind and a heart that yearns for love, tonight your dreams might certainly come true. Love is often found in the most unexpected places and grace has a lot to do with that. Timing is everything, but are you ready for love?


DAY – GIFT. Our birthright is grace, a gift from the universe. It is a tool that helps us move about in a timely fashion to accomplish goals and dreams. Be on the lookout for someone who will grace you with love and energy. EVENING – INVOKE. “Ask and you shall receive.” The support of Divine energy is ours to use. Therefore, if you need a hand, just ask and it will be there for you without any complications.


DAY – VISION. Signs, symbols and messages are placed on the road we travel. Therefore, it is important to understand the language of spirit and know there is a protective vibration that shows us the way. The message is to pay attention. EVENING – CONNECT. Becoming centered is of the utmost importance. That’s because connection to our core or chi, which is our fundamental life force, brings graceful movements to our lives. This energy flows through everything naturally and with ease.


DAY – DEVOTION. When we have the daily habit of prayer, or meditation, or both, we find that we are strong and able to take great leaps of faith. Devotion to the way of offering gratitude becomes second nature when done each day or each evening. Devote the time to this and there will always be a happy aura shining from your being. EVENING – SUPPORT. With every step of the way, Divine universal energy is with us. The help is certainly there for us to use and make the most of. When another helps us their life condition evolves, making a good cause that produces positive effects.


DAY – PATIENCE. Patience is a word we all can say, however, it’s hard to muster up. In a world of instant gratification, patience is almost an outdated word. However, when we trust in universal timing something greater can manifest—something greater than the past. EVENING – AWAKEN. This is a very important Tarot card. We must keep our eyes open and work on living a more conscious life. Awareness is the name of the game. The signs will appear and the direction one must go will become apparent.


DAY – PARTNERSHIP. People are the channel that universal energy speaks through. As humans we are the ambassadors of grace, sharing our wisdom. We certainly love to teach, resolve problems and find answers to life’s mysteries. Talk to someone today to bring their awareness to a higher level. It will be exciting and a lively discussion will bring happiness. EVENING – STRENGTH. Challenges are a blessing. Without them, we certainly would not grow. There are times challenges come in forms that are foreign to us and we do not see them as a source of empowerment. However, by working through difficult times we become stronger in mind. Often our spirits and bodies can take a hit, and a little meditation will bring the flow back to the chi. Know that using your strength will keep you connected to the universal consciousness.

9 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: January 29 – February 4

  1. david

    this year will make it 4 good years i lost my job money since then things are not easy for me again i don’t know why in my marriage home is like i and my wife don’t have the love we both needed in our home due to there is no money i really need money to settle down in my life but it seeme all is working which i don’t know what to do i am confuse now

  2. Debra

    I’m going THREW a tough time in our marriage!! My husband claims he is not having his fun and games on the side but the signs are there and the dirty language he using towards new is just the same as last time and his SILENT AFFAIRS. HE HAD STATED AND VOICED OUT LOUD ON SATURDAY ” HE FUCKEN HATES ME ” THEN HE WAS GONE FUR 3-4 HRS AND LEFT HIS WEDDING RING AT HOME

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

      hi Debra,
      I think both of you are in the same space and feeling the same kind of way. What I make of all this is that you accept his actions and until you find a way to find comfort in the relationship nothing will change. and if he really hates you I think how much he must be hurting.
      I see that you will find a way to relax and center in order to get to the next stage of this relationship.
      Best –

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