This Week in Tarot: April 9 – 15

The Power of Tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot will be our guiding light this week. Is everything coming up roses in your life? Are you happy? Did you accomplish what needed to be done over the winter? We are waking up to the beautiful earth and with that comes a new vibration—one of living life to the fullest.

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DAY – DAUGHTER OF WANDS. Visionary and passionate. This card shows us a person going through a transition. A strong vibration that is not noticeable by others makes this person somewhat of a mystery. There will also be a spiritual breakthrough. Making work a priority is very important right now and certainly will serve you in the near future. EVENING – TEN OF SWORDS. Ruin, rock bottom and melodrama. Stop playing the victim. Think for a moment what you would do without the drama in your life? Realizing all the time you will have to enjoy and be progressive could undoubtedly change your life condition. It’s okay to move away from the negative energy that holds you back from your rightful place on the path of happiness.


DAY – FIVE OF PENTACLES. Sadness, worry and illness. Today is a day when you can rise above the hard times. You find a way to quiet your mind and in your mind’s eye see yourself happy and without the worry that has been going on for way too long. Be proactive in your life’s quest, and do not allow others to yuck your yum. If you find something that pleases you, go for it no matter what others think. They are only getting in your way. EVENING – JUSTICE. Decisions and karma. A decision must be made and tonight with a clear mind you are able to part the waters and see the middle road that will bring you to your destination. It is certainly time to let go of the concept of perfect balance. The middle way shall become your new path.


DAY – WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Destiny and change of course. No matter what time it is, the wheel keeps on turning. It’s the motion of the universe and the rhythm of your heart beating. Therefore, you should be aware of this energy as it is one that will free your soul of worry. Don’t be surprised if you find a new path to walk on—one less cluttered with leftovers. As the wheel spins the clutter falls off, leaving space for you to realize your life’s purpose. EVENING – THREE OF CUPS. Friendship, joy and bounty. This lovely card shows how loved you are by friends who also think you are truly amazing. There’s an upcoming celebration, and you get together with pals to plan the event. Love is everywhere and you have a glowing heart tonight.


DAY – THE MAGICIAN. Self-empowerment and action. Everyone loves a little magic and today you are the one who gets to wave your wand and make things happen. This card deals with the stillness of the mind. Therefore, you should think first and then take action. The power of all four elements is certainly within your reach, making today a great day to use them. EVENING – FOUR OF PENTACLES. Possession and control. Although there is plenty of material gain, there is also an undercurrent of warning signs. When you hold on too tightly to the money part of life, it can make you rigid. Do your best to be flexible and know that money comes and goes, and you can give without fear. What you give you will certainly get back.


DAY – EIGHT OF CUPS. Stagnation and ill health. Today you take some time for yourself to recharge. Working hard is a wonderful thing, yet it also drains energy. When that happens we have to plug into our power packs to avoid unnecessary issues. Be open to the surge of power that can refill the cups. EVENING – SON OF WANDS. Charming and adventurous. With charm and good looks, this card says get out and play tonight. This is the white knight of the Tarot and if you meet this person on your path, use your instincts because he is a great illusionist and might be hard to get to know.


DAY – THE HANGED MAN. Sacrifice and letting go. There’s an art to allowing things you once loved with attachment become detached from your life. Non-attachment keeps your mind clear. We can love with all our hearts people, places and things, yet being attached to these elements causes blocks in life. Even ideas that have not manifested get in the way of what you can actually do if you let go. This card is about surrendering to the emptiness of space on all levels. EVENING – FATHER OF PENTACLES. Steady and entrepreneurial. Here we have a gentle soul; a person with a calm nature and an even temperament. Underneath however, there is a passionate person who provides stability and security for family and home. This person is someone you want to be close to, so keep that in mind when they come to you with ideas about business and finance.


DAY – MOTHER OF CUPS. Insightful and psychic. Much like the High Priestess, this person has natural psychic abilities. They’re calm and collected with the ability to guide and counsel. However, it is not wise to push this person as they can become aggressive and defensive. The most wonderful environment for this person is with family. Music and art also bring out their true beauty. EVENING – FOUR OF WANDS. Completion and celebration. Congratulations, you have arrived! You have accomplished what needed to get done and the harvest begins. There will be events to go to and celebrations to enjoy. This is also a time to take pleasure, as it is an exciting time where prosperity abounds.

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5 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: April 9 – 15

  1. ashis bhattacharya

    I have received many mails claiming that the fortune and life will be changed, but nothing has happened so far. Can do you something concreate for me. If so, then it will be better for me.

    1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

      Dear Ashis,
      I wish I was a magician and could make your life as you wish… I can give you guidance with my tools and wisdom that comes from many years of doing readings. I hope this makes it better for you.

      1. list your goals, dreams and desires
      2. pray and or meditate with heartfelt energy about your goals, etc.
      3. TAKE ACTION… action is the key to getting what you want.

      I pray you understanding this process and give it a try… I would very much like for you to have a fortune and for your life to be happy.

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