The Sensual Mind

Is being sexy and feeling sexy… all in your head? For the most part, being sexually attractive does start with the flick of a mental switch, reports our intuitive team, who hear some of the most intimate details of people’s lives everyday on the phones.

A truly sexy person has a high degree of sensual energy that draws people to them, quite wishfully – and that sexual magnetism is not just about how they look. There are plenty of sexy people out there who are not visually beautiful and lots of visually beautiful people who are not very sexy – it has everything to do with how they think

If a person thinks about sex all day, they just might be visualizing and fanaticizing erotic things and not be all that sexy themselves, our psychics say. “Look at Woody Allen…” Joyce ext. 9598 points out. “A truly sexy person is someone who is in love with who they are. They have fallen in love with their beauty as well as their flaws. I can see that in a reading, I can hear it in a voice. Acceptance and self-love is the true path to sexiness.”

“The brain is definitely our strongest sexual organ,” Maryanne ext. 9146 agrees. A sexy mind believes their being is naturally sensual and attractive, and it thinks that way on a daily basis – those thoughts aren’t saved up for special occasions. That kind of lusty mind-body sureness shows in the way a person carries themselves, in their personal and sexual confidence and ends up being the way others see them too. “A sexy mind far outweighs a wrinkle, a few pounds too many, or thinning hair…” Maryanne adds. “Think yourself sexy. Use daily affirmations when necessary.”

If you’ve not been feeling it lately, a partner can sense it. TeriLynn ext. 9625 urges all to “get their sexy vibes back fast, even if it takes a bit of imagination.” The idea is not to lose too much momentum.

Yvonne ext. 9883 suggests, “When you’ve stimulated your partner’s brain with the very sexy way you look and feel, they too, feel very sexy. We all know that, but people tend to get too wrapped up in their shortcomings and their libido and relationships suffer.”

After romantic disappointment, people can lose those sexy feelings about themselves – and that’s when most people would really like to attract someone new into their lives, Miss Krystal ext. 9192 points out. If you find yourself in that situation, she recommends faking it (no not that!). Fake feeling sexy about yourself. Here’s why:

“If you think hard enough, you may remember that you were most appealing and pursued when you were falling in love, or blissfully in love. Perhaps it’s because you seemed more relaxed, more optimistic, fun, spunky, bright-eyed… that you were a magnet to all around you. Maybe your smile was more radiant, or you appeared more helpful. Whatever it was, you weren’t wearing the face of rejection, resentment or despair. Callers notice this about friends or co-workers who are in love, Miss Krystal reports. “They don’t understand why these people who are already involved, keep getting hit on,” the intuitive tells.

Think about it, can you imagine having sex, or just going to dinner and a movie, with a person who seems dejected and appears withdrawn or angry? If you fake it and take on the more attractive attributes that were so sexy and enticing when you were in love, eventually you’ll get your sexy back. We use our head to pull ourselves together for job interviews and other important occasions, why not, make believe you’ve got your sexy mojo back?” Miss Krystal asks.

Seek your sexy self, and you shall find it. Think sexy and you’ll prove what countless others have proven over and over again, that being sexy begins in your mind!

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