Telephone vs. In-Person Readings

I’ve been doing readings (or “consultations,” as I like to call them) for a very long time. I began my journey into the world of astrology in 1975. After twenty years of learning, practicing on my friends, and stepping into the computer world, where you can pull up a chart in seconds, a friend told me about using my learned skills while talking on the telephone.

After studying my chart inside and out, upside down, and all around, I knew that with Neptune in my Ascendant (Neptune rules psychic power) and a Scorpio Moon (adding to the psychic power), I could definitely feel the “energy” of someone on the other end of a phone line. So, I did! What I discovered as I entered into the “psychic phone-line world” truly amazed me and changed my life! I was speaking with people all around the world. I developed friendships and learned as much from them as I was hopefully able to in order to help guide them on their journey.

I knew that all the jobs I had had previous to this one led me to this point. Once I began the psychic phone-line work, all of my previous experiences began to make sense, because I was now able to relate to people in many different professions. Callers range from doctors, professors, sales managers, stay-at-home moms, teachers, and plumbers to young kids just beginning their life adventure. Their reasons for calling a psychic line are different. Some are for fun, some are serious, and others are just curious. But every caller has one common thread – they are traveling through a growing stage of their life, and they want to know more.

Other than that, I just love what I do because of the unique opportunity to speak with people from all around the world, who all have a unique and varied story. I feel I am the luckiest person in the world, in the most interesting profession on the planet. I am never bored! This is the best job I have ever had, and the one I have had the longest!

So, why the phones instead of an in-person consultation? I have done in-person readings, and I prefer the phone – even when doing readings for friends. There is a big adjustment to make when going from face-to-face work with clients, where you have the physical presence to assist in your interpretation. Counselors rely on cues, because when a client sits across from them there is a whole world to read from. The way they shift in a chair, drop their eyes, or express happiness or sadness are all ways to aid in a consultation.

From a psychic perspective, those “clues” are interferences. The body language many times masks the true motive or intent of the client. A true psychic will pick up on that, and the flow of the reading is interrupted by a client’s presence.

When someone is sitting in the comfortableness of their own home, they are relaxed and ready to listen. They are more inclined to listen to what we say rather than watch what we are doing. Talking to someone on a phone line creates wonderful opportunities for an intense, instantaneous rapport. I am able to focus more on the energy surrounding the client, concentrate on the cards, listen to my guides and transmit the message to the client, who can also focus on what I am saying, and be supported by the safety of anonymity.

So, “reach out and touch” one of your friends – or your favorite psychic – today. You may be amazed at what happens! The insights and wisdom you gain may astound you.

4 thoughts on “Telephone vs. In-Person Readings

  1. Jacqueline

    Hello Amelia,

    I agree with you regarding on-line readings. In the past I have done many in person readings, personally I find its distracting, when I do readings online I find it relaxing, Its actually so much easier for me to tune in and listen to my guides with ease.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  2. misskrystalmisskrystal

    I agree about the dynamics of phone readings. I prefer them, too. My experience was realized in one day!
    Just one entire day of doing readings, per phone, and I was sold this was better for everyone…

    I had such a wonderful time meeting you. I was very impressed. I also enjoyed hearing some of the things you were sayng, since we share the same moon sign, and other astrological similarities-It was beyond refreshing….I am very proud to work with you. I felt very comfy with you….We had a great day! There were other special people with us, too, and I will always value the time we all got to have together. Hope your summer is a good one 🙂
    Miss Krystal

  3. velvetoversteel

    Wow, I learned so much about the psychic’s perspective with this, Amelia! After reading this I can see why phone readings can be better than in person. The ‘at home’ and relaxed perspective makes perfect sense. I have a friend who does hypnotherapy and has clients all over the world who he helps over the phone. I didn’t understand how or why that could work until I read this article. Great post & and really does inspire you to ‘reach out and touch’ someone! 😉

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Amelia,
    I’m hear ya,…..I would much rather read ” cold ” over the phone, than in person anyday.

    I have always shunned in person readings……but I like to read absolutely cold, reading over the phone allows me to do that and the client seems to be much more focused.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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