This Week in Tarot: March 19 – 25

The Power of Tarot

Let’s go back to the basics this week for our inspiration, messages and guidance. The Rider-Waite Tarot is a traditional deck, yet the meaning and message of each card changes depending on how the card is positioned. Each deck is built from the mind’s eye of the artist and in the same sense, the reader uses their mind’s eye to interpret the symbols, nuances and time-honored meanings. If you would like a reading with this Tarot deck, just ask for it when you call me and I will be happy to use it, or any other deck I’ve mentioned in these articles.

Your detailed Tarot reading is waiting!


DAY – THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Like the bear who comes out to smell the spring air after a long sleep, this card predicts growth after a time spent dormant. This card is also an instrument in the process of uncovering your destiny. It’s certainly an incredible journey into the future. EVENING – TEN OF CUPS. The relationships in your life are certainly strong and trustworthy. Someone in your life will be put in charge of a project, and it’s in this project’s best interest that they be in charge.


DAY – FOUR OF WANDS. Romance is in the air, so take it in as the day progresses. What a wonderful day for astute conversations that also resolve any quandaries going on in the workplace. EVENING – THE STAR. Never give up hope. Someone you meet will have a lifelong effect on you in the most profound way. Getting things done is all about timing, so hold on to your thoughts until the time is right. Life flows with water-like energy to renew the spirit.


DAY – THE SUN. Without the Sun, there would be no life. Therefore, this is a time of liberation and to see the beauty of existence in its simplest forms. Reading a book will be a mind-opening experience, and what you study today will certainly be helpful tomorrow. EVENING – EIGHT OF PENTACLES. Be mindful of hypocrisy. A beautiful woman is foolish if she thinks she can get away with a plan to make changes that are not also adding to her happiness. Be candid with your voice and note the importance of the work that is being done.


DAY – SEVEN OF CUPS. Let your imagination run wild, because it’s a time to reflect on the past few months and see if the place you have come to is where you want to be. Making a resolution to enhance your spiritual path is certainly going to give you lots to think about tonight. Allow the day to flow freely and contemplate new ideas.  EVENING – JUSTICE. Eliminate useless information, and seek balance and harmony in life. The old, outdated clutter must go if the scales of the mind are to maintain their equilibrium.


DAY – THE LOVERS. There is a struggle between loyalty and the desire for another. Therefore, it is best not to play where you work! Rumors will start and it will be hard to undo the damage. The choices you make make you responsible for the outcomes. EVENING – SEVEN OF WANDS. You have a precious piece of property that no longer satisfies your needs. Barter it for something useful. This card helps you find your courage while handling a difficult situation. In the end success rings its bell.


DAY – KING OF SWORDS. If you have issues with the government, military or other authority figures, they come to light today. It’s time to take a stand for your beliefs! However, be sure to seek the proper counsel if you want all to be well. EVENING – JUDGMENT. This is a dynamic card—one of results and awakening. A new beginning and spiritual attainment are close at hand. As you blend with the universal energy of love and happiness, your consciousness is elevated to new heights.


DAY – SIX OF PENTACLES. This is a day of gift-giving! Does it get any better than this? Gratification and delight offer insights into the next phase of your life. Accept your gifts. EVENING – THE CHARIOT. If you’re planning a trip, know that it’s a safe time to travel. Also, artistic pursuits that allow for mastery of the mind will be one of your accomplishments today.

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