The Science of the Cards

We’ve all heard of Tarot reading, sure, but did you know that Tarot’s not the only deck that holds universal – or individual — information? Metasymbology (aka The Science of the Cards) deals with the symbols found in playing cards — which unbeknownst to many, have been used as a divination tool for centuries. Similar to astrology and numerology (as well as Tarot), The Science of the Cards can help you uncover untold truths about yourself, your path and your environment.

Ancient history…
Often mistaken for a simple game, playing cards are anything but – it’s no coincidence that their unmistakable design has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Metasymbologists say that in the cards’ design lies a secret, universal language which transcends culture and place – and not only tells us about ourselves, but can predict timing as well. How? In addition to depicting ancient archetypes that offer insightful information, the deck is one of the world’s earliest calendars!

Magical math
In order to pinpoint timing, Metasymbologists access the mystical formulas found in the deck. For starters, there are fifty-two cards and fifty-two weeks in a year. In addition, five and two add up to seven days in a week. Similarly, there are thirteen cards in each suit and thirteen new moons (or lunar cycles) in a year. Add the numerical values of each of the cards (with Jacks being worth eleven, Queens twelve and Kings thirteen) and the result is 364. Add one for the “wild card” of the joker (or 1.25 more specifically) and you get the number of days in a year (365.25 making up for the extra day in leap years).

Plus, the cards’ four suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades) symbolize the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter respectively), which also correlates to the human life cycle from birth to death. Hence, readers can look at questions on a life-span scale or down to the day. Talk about specificity!

The Personal Card
As with all types of divination, utilizing the playing cards begins with uncovering the self. To do that, you must first find your personal card:

  • Double the number of your birth month (January = 1, February = 2, etc.)
  •  Add the day of your birth.
  •  Subtract the total from 55.
  • The result will be a number from 1-52, each of which corresponds to a specific card. That card holds answers regarding not only your personality and interests but also, the lessons you are here to learn. Given that information, a Metasymbologist can assess your timeline, indicate significant periods and potentially, pinpoint exactly when specific events will occur.

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