Tarot: The Hanged Man

So often, the outcome of the situations we face is dictated by the way we see things. Perspective is everything, and keeping this in mind, it’s no wonder positive people tend to get what they want more often – after all, belief dictates reality!

It follows then, that a shift in perspective is sometimes exactly what we need in order to solve our problems and change the probable outcome of the future (there will always be outside factors beyond our control). All things considered, this is the core reason we consult psychics in the first place; to get a new, more connected point of view. But how do we know when to let go of an old view in favor of a new one?

It’s usually when you’re down – or stuck in a situation – that this need is most clearly expressed. And drawing the 13th card of the Major Arcana (The Hanged Man) clearly suggests you need to broaden your perspective regarding the matter in question. The Hanged Man tells us this in no uncertain terms. And what a powerful, uplifting thought. You hold the power to change your own destiny. That’s what it tells us – whether we’ve drawn this card recently or not!

But there’s more to the mystery of this infamous card, and it behooves us – whether we’re students of the Tarot or simply students of life – to start with our common misperceptions. Despite its implications of death, The Hanged Man does not spell doom for the seeker who finds it in his or her Tarot spread. Nor does adopting a change for the better. In both, the death implied is one of the Ego – not a bad thing as Spirit and Ego rarely operate with the same intentions as motivators.  Ego takes its cues from the desire for immediate gratification. Spirit, on the other hand seeks harmony.

Pulling this card (or reaching a point of despair or block) implies that it’s time to stop seeing things from a narrow, completely personal perspective. Rather, it’s important that each of us – particularly when we’re struggling with a problem we can’t seem to solve – step back and open ourselves to a larger point of view. We are all components of a universe much bigger than any one of our individual desires, and by releasing our own selfish motivations (which we may not see as selfish at all, though even resistance to change arises from fear), we may find that we uncover a new way of being – a greater good and a clear, optimal course of action.

If you stop thinking about what you want and start thinking about what’s actually good for you, you may also find that it’s what’s good for all parties involved. This requires strength as it’s much easier to see what we want than it is to see what we need. However, there’s a universal concept that says what’s good for me is good for you… and when we operate from a pure place, the saying holds true, time and time again.

It’s important to keep in mind that The Hanged Man is not the card of change itself, but the card of the catalyst. It offers your call to action, but the work is not easily done. You have to elect to make the shift – and actively employ it in all you do – in order to reap the rewards.

The next time you feel defeated by a situation, a person, or a turn of events, remember The Hanged Man.  Imagine what other ways you can frame your situation and make the effort to re-frame it. Slowly but surely, you will find that it makes all the difference. 

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