Daily Draw: 8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups appears when it is time to move on from a problem or an unsatisfactory relationship. You have become all around dissatisfied with your present state of life and are looking for a new thrill. In order to move on positively, make sure you tie up any loose ends or sever any old emotional ties that you may have. To start anew, you must finish the present. This is a time where emotional maturity is taken up a notch. Take the time you need to find out what you want out of life.

The imagery of this card is that of a man walking toward a new set of challenges (the mountains), and leaving his neatly stacked cups behind him. It is important to know that you must leave things neat and tidy and not neglect cleaning up any messes. A time of solitude is drawing near.

When this card is reversed it means that you are very much in the material world.

You may be refusing to move on from an unsatisfactory relationship, or have been taking a good relationship for granted.

It could also suggest that a need for passion and adventure are lingering. You may be reentering the world after a retreat of solitude and are now ready to restore your excitement for life. Be sure to show appreciation for all that is good.

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