Daily Draw: 6 of Pentacles

Bonus Time!

The 6 of Pentacles upright shows a man offering two other people help or extra money. The man handing out the offering is sharing his wealth (wisdom, or financially) with others. This card suggests that a bonus could be coming your way. Whether it be an inheritance, a promotion, a union with fellow employees, or an added benefit connected to another situation in your life — something extra is coming your way!

It could also indicate that you are able to help others. A friend may ask you for a loan or you may be able to help someone improve their career. This is a time to share your wealth and help where you can. Helping others could also lead to new opportunities in the future. What goes around comes around!

The reversed meaning of the 6 of Pentacles could still mean a bonus is coming your way but it could be smaller than hoped for, or it could be coming with strings attached.

Business practices might be unfair or a possible opportunity may be jeopardized. Be careful if you plan on investing money, use your wisdom and intuition to be sure your wealth is in the right hands. Do not be discouraged by this card, reward may come when you least expect it!

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