Daily Draw: 4 of Cups

When the 4 of Cups appears in a reading you may be disconnected from yourself and your life at the moment. It’s likely that you have become bored or uninterested and are probably looking for a new thrill. This is a time of reassessment.

As it stands you are not showing appreciation for all the good that surrounds you. Do not take things for granted. This calls for meditation! Take the time to regain gratitude for you life. New things will come, but patience is needed. You also may feel somewhat anti-social. Friends aren’t entertaining like they use to be. Although you may feel empty or unstimulated, this will be temporary, do not fret.

Conversely, the appearance of this card in reversed position is actually a good thing!

You feel refreshed and await the new challenges in your life. You may find yourself wanting to socialize more or make new friends. You have a new flame in your heart and are looking forward to what the future holds. You have found a deep appreciation for the positive things in your life that you didn’t have before, and as a result feel more in touch with your purpose. The only remotely negative aspect to the 4 of Cups reversed is the possibility of experiencing self-pity. Don’t give in! You could be entering a period of depression so now is the time to exert yourself in arenas where your skill set is solid and you’re bound to succeed.

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