Spiritual Insights: Your Psychic Awakening

Karen from California and Margit from East Helena ask about cats and psychic development…

First, Karen says:

I hope you can clarify something for me. I recently went through a period of time during which I woke up almost nightly, and sometimes more than once a night, feeling like electricity was running through my arms. It wasn’t painful, but was a bit uncomfortable. This may sound corny, but I felt like I had to open my hands and release the energy into the world—a remote healing sort of thing, and the feeling of electricity/energy didn’t stop until I did so. Coincidence perhaps, but I was fostering a cat and kittens at the time, and haven’t had the same feeling since they left. Would you be able to tell me if I interpreted the feeling correctly? Thank you.

Margit asks:

When I am in bed, reading or playing a game, I hear these strange sounds, most of which sound like voices. One was a kind of weird yelling/growl, but it doesn’t bother me; one was a youngster; and you could tell the other one was a young lady/woman. Also, my cat seems to “see things.” Thing is, I’m not really afraid, but I’ll say “what was that?!?” or get up and go down the small hall and see nothing. I don’t get it. HELP.

Dear Margit and Karen,

I hope you don’t mind sharing the spotlight, but I was struck by the fact that cats figured in both your experiences of psychic awakening. Also, although the types of psychic/healing gifts you two have are quite different, you’re at close to the same stage—the point at which the door to other realms is wide open, inviting you in to explore the possibilities in greater depth.

As your experiences validate, there’s an excellent reason that cats have gotten a reputation for uncanny abilities over the ages, and are popularly depicted as witches’ “familiars.” While other pets can also be aware of unusual energy influxes or spirit presences, cats seem far more likely to notice them, and actually interact with them. One cat I know about actually had a pretty elaborate game it played with a spirit presence that was a regular visitor. And, as Karen’s story indicates, cats can also serve as a kind of lightning rod, attractor, or conduit for energies wanting to manifest.

Karen, your interpretation of what to do with your energies was exactly right, and I’d like to encourage you to take some classes or (even better) get some one-on-one training for what promise to be exceptional healing abilities! Reiki is popular, but I possibly see you with a teacher whose techniques are grounded in ancient Egyptian past life memories.

Margit, what you’re experiencing is called clairaudience, and is an enviable psychic ability. Your guides are already getting through to you clearly; try asking them questions aloud and keep track of the advice you receive.

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Insights: Your Psychic Awakening

  1. Kathy

    I have one cat who will sometimes hiss at us until she is allowed to identify us. We have thought her vision may not be too good, though she otherwise functions fine. On the other hand, she looks around at seemingly nothing, so maybe she’s seeing spirits fly around. Dunno.

  2. Zora 5349

    Hello Verbena I love and agree with what you said about cats being a psychic lightning rod. They hold a lot of psychic fire and energy.


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