Psychic Workout: Learning the Art With 3-Card Spreads

You may be a skilled Tarot reader or a curious novice, but there will always come a time when all you need is a quick divination resource, a general overview regarding a situation. This is when it is best to use only a few cards for a Tarot reading. The simplicity in a three card spread lies in the fact that you don’t have to get confused with several cards, allowing the reader to interpret each card in greater depth.

The basic format for a three card spread is created by placing three cards in a row, side-by side. Below I have noted some examples of how this spread can be used. Notice the variety of situations for which you can use this spread, changing the layout according to the needs of your particular situation.

Card 1           Card 2               Card 3

Past                Present               Future

Person A       Relationship      Person B

Pro                  Situation             Con

Do                   Decision             Don’t

Choice A        Outcome            Choice B

Issue               Advice                Outcome

Body                Mind                   Spirit

Beginning      Middle                End

Short Term     Situation            Long Term

Feelings         Thoughts            Actions

Self                  Family                Partner

1 Month          2 Months            3 Months

Desire             Compromise     Outcome

Learn              Do                       Forget

Yes                  Spirit Message  No

There is no wrong or right way to set up the 3 card spread. It’s all dependent on the need. The most important factor in the reading is the focus that is placed on the question. To ensure the most focused outcome, select one of the patterns for the three card spreads indicated above. For example, if I’m trying to decide between two different employment opportunities, I would select the layout: Choice A, Outcome, Choice B. This spread would give me insight about the two possible employment choices, and the card in the middle would indicate the outcome or what job I am likely to accept. By selecting a spread prior to beginning the psychic divination process, you’re able to focus on the issue itself, rather than the distractions of what card layout to use.

1. To begin your three-card reading, spend a moment to relax and clear your mind. Taking the deck in your hand, focus on your situation and your concerns. If you wish, ask Spirit to assist in guiding your reading. Begin shuffling the cards while concentrating on the questions you want to ask. The clearer the question, the clearer the answer will be. If a card or cards should fall out while you’re shuffling, put them aside. They usually jump out for a reason, and should be included in your interpretation.

2. After you’ve shuffled the cards, lay out three cards from the deck. You may select the first three cards from the top of the deck. You can sort through the deck to individually choose three cards that are “hot,” or have an energy you resonate with. You can get creative and fan all the cards out in front of you, and then, while closing your eyes, locate three cards that speak to you. I’ve even used a pendulum to choose cards. The choice is yours.

3. Turn each card over, and lay them in a row, to represent the position you previously selected.

4. Summarize where the three cards seem to be guiding you. What is the synoposis of the reading? If something is unclear, don’t hesitate to pull more cards for clarification. You can also conduct a second, clarifying reading to elaborate on the initial reading. To do this, leave the three initial cards that appeared in the first reading as a focal point, and perform another reading by laying out the three new cards below.

5. Once the reading is complete, remember to thank Spirit for the guidance received.

The three card spread is both practical as well as excellent at quickly revealing an answer in a direct manner. It will engage an experienced reader and simplify the process for a beginner. As you work with Tarot, remember that there is no wrong way to do a reading. As long as your intent is pure, the information Spirit intends for you to receive will be revealed.



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  1. Susi Modi

    Thanks Marin, yes 3 carts can say so many things, but normoly we need another one to have more clear information.
    I will reading all your information I’m learning tarot carts.


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