Psychic Workout: Ask Marin

In my last article, I introduced the glorious art of scrying. As you are beginning to discover for yourself, the crystal ball is enabling you to collect scattered energies and direct them into a defined focus.

Unfortunately, some people get no further than attaining the clouding affect, while you may have been fortunate to see the crystal change color. Perhaps you may be combating restless energy and having a hard time remaining still and content. Repeated sittings will remove any lingering nervousness, as you continue to strengthen your mental control. Most importantly, do not strain in your stare, or utilize the power of force … simply keep a soft gaze as you look into the center of the globe, until any reflections melt away and you are able to get inside the depth of the ball.

You may feel the room around you disappear and feel suspended in limitless space. It is after this process when a picture can be expected to develop. To help facilitate the process of an image forming, and for those wishing to take their skills to the next level, the following exercises will strengthen your scrying skills, and incorporate a little mental play into your routine.

While performing the following exercises, continue asking for positive guidance, affirming that only truth and light can reach you. Remember to express gratitude and appreciation to the energies that surround youand support you in this sacred field of study.

1. Identify an object in the room. Spend a couple of minutes intensely staring at the object, and then close your eyes and recreate the object in your mind’s eye. Naturally, you should be able to do this. Return to staring at the object, and this time, shift your focus immediately to the crystal ball and then see the object in the sphere.

2. Without a tangible object in front of you, close your eyes and imagine an object and all of its details. For example, picture a shoe. Allow the shoe to briefly flash in your mind. Now, quickly open your eyes, and transfer the image of the shoe into the crystal sphere.

3. Invite a friend to sit across from the crystal ball, and tell them to imagine an object in the crystal ball. Limit the scope of the object — for example, an animal. As you gaze intensely into the crystal ball, see if you can telepathically decipher what animal your friend is trying to imprint on it for you to see.

4. Are you frustrated with a situation for which you seek an answer? Gaze into the crystal ball, formulating in your mind what you wish to know. Invite the answer to come, while you remain neutral to the outcome, allowing the answer to travel to you. It may not appear immediately, but it will come in time. Sometimes the lesson in the frustrating situation may be related to patience.

5. Respect your crystal ball as if it were a crystal bank that holds your images and thoughts. Invest daily by projecting images of happiness into the crystal ball. You will create a refreshing peace of mind, which can carry you through your day-to-day life. Remember … seeing is believing.



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