Psychic Workout: Candles for Love

Sabrina in Toronto writes:

I read your recent article entitled ‘Engineer Your Destiny,’ which included the use of candles for positive affirmations. Can I use candles for love? How do you suggest I manifest love — is it even possible to do so?


Most of us have performed a simple act of candle magic by the time we are three years old … blowing out the candles on our birthday cake while making a wish! Rather than creating a candle ritual to make a certain person fall in love with you, you will be more successful in your undertaking if you perform a candle ritual to make yourself more attractive to others. Not only will this ultimately achieve your desire of having a partner, but it will also establish or enhance your self-confidence, which is the foundation of a new relationship. People ridden with self-doubt and insecurities are simply no fun to be around.

So get ready to build your confidence, and at the same time, attract that twin flame. Start by selecting two red candles. (For this ritual, I suggest the tall, glass-enclosed candles, often found in grocery stores in the Latin food section.) Once you have purchased your ritual candle, it should be anointed before burning. For this particular exercise, I suggest rose oil for love-drawing. Before lighting the candles, anoint the wick with rose oil. The purpose of anointing a candle is to establish a psychic link between the candle and you. Handling the candle during the anointing process creates a charge with our personal energy and programs the desires of your ritual into the candles.

Next, follow this four-step process:

1. Identify the Candles
One of these candles will represent you, and the other will represent your desired partner.
Take a moment reflecting on your personal strengths and the fabulous qualities you will offer in a relationship. Are you fun-loving? Financially stable? Beautiful? A great kisser? Write it down on a piece of paper. Allow for time to dwell in the confidence you begin to feel when identifying your assets.

On a second piece of paper, identify and list the qualities you seek in an imaginary partner. What would you create if you could sculpt the dream partner in a relationship? An athletic physique? Good listener? Tall? Passionate lover?

2. The Magnetism Begins
Select an altar, table-top, or dresser, and set the candles at the two farthest ends of the table, one to the left, and the other to the far right, where they will remain for approximately a month. Under one candle, place the list identifying your qualities, and underneath the other candle, place the list of the desired partner’s. Light the candles, and allow them to burn while concentrating on your desires. Visualize the union between you and your partner. Allow time for the candles to briefly burn while stating your prayers, then extinguish the candles, leaving them on the table.

3. The Attraction Grows
On the following day, begin the exercise by taking one candle in your left hand, and the other in your right hand, slightly move the candles closer together, feeling the magnetism as you inch them closer. Light the candles and repeat the visualization exercises and focus on the desired outcome, attracting the partner who you identified on paper. When finished, remember to extinguish the candle.

4. The Two Become One
After repeating this exercise for several days, or possibly a month, depending on the distance between the candles and how slow you move them, the two candles will have eventually been moved together, where they are touching, creating the appearance of a twin flame. As you walk out your front door each morning, create that feeling of attraction as you remember the list of personal qualities you created and are ready to offer in a relationship. Walk confidently each day, knowing that love is just around the corner.

The often troublesome pitfall of candle magic is not doing it each day. It is unbelievable what excuses we can come up with, or doubts we can allow to come into our thoughts that interfere with something as simple as lighting a candle each morning. Keep in mind that your focus and devotion to this small task will be rewarded with magnificent results.



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