Psychic Success Story: Finding Summer Love

Finding Summer Love

After Heartache, Summer Love Turned Into a Wedding

In the 13 years I have been blessed to work at California Psychics, I have been granted the opportunity to see many wonderful love stories that were happily and successfully created or restored. One, however, stands out among the rest as being the most unlikely.

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Her Husband Left Her for His Secretary

A few years ago, a client was calling to ask when her love life was going to change. She had been abandoned by her husband of 17 years. He had, in classic fashion, ran away with his 20-something secretary. As a result of such crushing rejection, my client’s faith in love was shattered and her self-esteem was sorely lacking. But I knew there was summer love waiting for her.

Focused On the Wrong Man

Each time she called, she would ask about a man with whom she had briefly dated. She was absolutely transfixed by him and wanted him to be her summer love! No matter what I would tell her about the dangers of being with this man, she only wanted to hear about him and what could be expected on their next encounter. Finally, I very firmly but lovingly told her that no matter how many times she dated this man, he was simply going to break her heart. However, if she would stop looking for the most available men and start looking for the most desirable men, she would meet the man of her dreams.

She Met a Man in Exactly the Way I Predicted

It took a few readings of great depth before she finally understood that I was telling her the truth—not what she wanted to hear, but what she NEEDED to hear. As she reluctantly released the man with whom she was so obsessed, she began listening to the ways her life was about to change. In the beginning, she refused to believe me, but that was quickly released when she met a man in exactly the way I predicted!

They Had Met Before

I had told her that she would meet him during something that directly involved her children. I also told her that she had met him before but it was a very long time ago. He, too, had married and divorced in the interim. When I told her, in March, that she would meet him and they would fall in love and marry before the year was done, she laughed out loud! But the following month, true to prediction, she met the man at a dentist’s appointment for her son. The man was there with one of his daughters. It turned out that the man had worked at the same restaurant as my client while they were both in college. At the time, she was already engaged to the husband who ended up leaving her for his secretary, so nothing could really come from the encounters. Although, as she expressed later, she always thought about him and wondered, “What if…?”

A Summer Engagement and a Winter Wedding

Before the summer ended, they had rekindled a passion that had been sleeping so many years before. He asked for her hand in marriage while walking along the warm summer beaches of Southern California. He slipped a 5.5 carat diamond ring onto her trembling hand and they wed in late December. When last I spoke with my client, they were still living happily ever after!

Better Timing for Greater Potential

Summer love can burn hotter and more intensely than at any other time of the year and it does not necessarily have to burn away. Sometimes it waits for better timing and better scenarios so it can bring out the greatest potential.

Call me and let’s see what your summer romance will bring!

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