Psychic Workout: Paranormal Observation

Savannah in Toledo, Ohio asks:

I have a vase with silk flowers that I arranged myself, and now I noticed that something keeps pushing it closer towards the edge in the opposite direction, just enough to where it could fall if someone moved it a little more. I keep pushing it back in the corner, but it keeps being moved. I have also seen images out of the corner of my eye, but have never heard anything. I don’t know very much about ghosts, or haunted houses, for that matter, so can you please tell me what is going on?

Marin replies:

Thank you for your question! Paranormal activity is one of my specialities, as I am a certified paranormal investigator.

For starters, don’t be afraid. With a little bit of knowledge and compassion, you may even surprise yourself and become comfortable with the notion of a “spirit” in your house, as they can serve as a “guardian” keeping your house safe.If strange occurrences are happening on a regular basis, and you have a fascination with understanding and uncovering paranormal activity, I suggest starting a journal and recording all activity that you think is “strange.” Write down what the occurrences may be, the times in which they take place, and any obvious changes within the area where the events occur, such as cold spots or visible manifestations. I also recommend that you research the property and dwelling history, and include this information in the journal as well. Local historical libraries or old neighbors can be a wealth of information.

It is believed that everyone has the potential to see ghosts. Some people are more open, as are sensitives, clairvoyants, and psychics – however, not everyone “sees” spirits in the same manner. Some see with their third eye, others with the naked eye or even out of the corner of their eyes. You may see a wisp of smoke, vortex, a shadowy figure, an orb, a streak of light, ectoplasm, movement of an object – or, if you’re really fortunate, a full blown apparition.

Additionally, some refer to sounds or voices as another method to explain or express the “seeing” of a ghost. Sometimes sounds like the water heater, wooden houses expanding and contracting, or weather disturbances can cause sounds that may seem eerie, but in reality are all perfectly normal and often mistaken for paranormal phenomena. The human imagination contributes to this, as we often see or hear things that aren’t what we think they are. A nightmare, scary movie, or bedtime story can influence your imagination. A paranormal journal will aid in determining whether or not actual paranormal activity is occurring.

There are two main types of hauntings, a residual haunting and a live haunting.

A residual haunting is an event a person sees of the past that plays over and over again, the same situation and occurrence. It replays like a movie (stop-rewind-play). In this situation, there is an energy trace left behind from a spirit that once lived, and created the imprint from years of repetitive activity. There is not an actual, “live” spirit – rather the left-over energy. Usually this is neutral, harmless energy that you may become comfortable with, choose to ignore, or clear.

A live haunting, on the other hand, is an actual entity that has stayed behind for some particular reason, usually residing in a specific geographical area or near a certain person. These hauntings are sporadic and inconstant, and their appearances are made for a variety of reasons.

Once a spirit is satisfied with its accomplishments, and reflections on a life well lived, it will eventually move on. Most of the time, spirits are just passing through, simply wishing to be noticed, and do not intend harm. Upon encountering a spirit, don’t panic. Treat the spirit the way you’d like to be treated, or at least how your would treat an acquaintance you run into in person.

Don’t be afraid to create firm boundaries. After all the effort and research you put forth in understanding the paranormal activity that is occurring, don’t be surprised that after getting to know the spirit you may not want it to leave! In fact, after an introduction, understanding of its presence, and creation of personal boundaries, you may become comfortable living parallel lives, realizing there is no reason to be afraid or territorial. Once a relationship based on mutual respect has been established, spirits frequently serve as guardians, thereby keeping a watchful eye on your home while away on vacation, protecting it from fire, and warding off theft and vandalism. They can aid in transforming a house into a home.

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