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Mediums Communicate with the Spirit World

Being a medium is tough work. Mediums work as bridges between the material and spirit worlds, and keep one foot in both in order to relay messages to those who wish to hear them. It’s a tough skill set, and good mediums are hard to find. That’s why we checked in with a few of our trusted mediums to see what insight and wisdom they had to pass on regarding mediumship.

Psychic Chastity ext. 5403 relayed information on how she communicates with those who have passed over:

“For me, mediumship experiences are very moving and beautiful. I get a good sense of a person’s personality, and can see them crossed over on the other side in the heavens waiting for me to acknowledge them. An instant connection occurs after they’ve been recognized, and they step forward and begin speaking. They hear you through me, and I respond with what they say using their words. Often they have many messages regarding unfinished business or closure, how they are working to keep the connection open and if they have taken the role as your guide or as your angel.

“There are several ways one who has crossed over can communicate. Some communicate through words, songs, presence, and at times, certain symbols to let you know they are there for you. One caller felt she had lost her sense of purpose after her husband passed unexpectedly. She felt his presence for a little bit and then lost the connection. She called asking to connect, and he instantly stepped forward being his fiery, feisty self with words of inspiration and hope for her. He told her that he came to visit each night while she slept, and if she’d put his picture on the night stand he’d visit more often. His words were ‘I’ve always been here for you. Just ask me to come and tell me what you need. You know I would never leave you without what you need. So why don’t you ask me? You know I love you!’ A bit of tears and more words were exchanged between the two, and the wife realized her husband had crossed over, he was doing well and he was happy. She just needed to speak to him whenever she liked to keep the connection open. She shared she had been so lonely and needed him. Feeling lost no longer, she accepted his new role in her life.” What can Psychic Chastity ext. 5403 see for you? Call her now!

But what if one wants to truly develop mediumistic skills themselves, and enhance their psychic abilities to the point that they can communicate with spirits on their own? What should they do then? Psychic Spencer ext. 5643 responds:

“I have always believed we can connect with our higher selves, Source, our guides, angels and those on the other side. I have always believed the only difference between you and I is that I believe I can do this and you don’t believe you can. So let’s change that!

“First of all, we talk to our dear departed ones all the time. They do hear us. And, they communicate back to us. It’s hearing back from them and listening to the way they talk to us that really matters. When we understand and hear their messages we can be greatly calmed and happy knowing they are around us. Developing this listening skill is pretty easy. It is what mediums do and it takes two ingredients: belief and time.

“The most basic skill you can have is the simple belief that you are intuitive, psychic and can connect with those loved ones who have crossed over. If you struggle with believing this statement, good luck in developing your skills. It will not happen without it. Belief in yourself and in the fact that you too, have mediumship abilities, is the number one thing required in developing and using them. The second skill is repetition, and that means practice over time.” What can Psychic Spencer ext. 5643 see for you? Call her now!

Want more insight into the spirit world, mediumistic abilities and developing your own skills? Call one of our gifted mediums now!

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