Dodgers Pay Psychic

According to the Los Angeles Times, Dodgers owners Frank and Jamie McCourt paid a Russian psychic to heal the team – transmitting positive psychic vibes to them from Boston to L.A., over a four-year period, from 2004 to 2008. The psychic, 71-year-old Vladimir Shpunt, hails from Russia, holds three physics degrees and hobnobs with Nobel Prize winners – but is said to know nothing about baseball!

According to the LA Times:

“Shpunt says he is a scientist and a healer, not a magician. His method could not guarantee the Dodgers would win, he says, but it could make a difference.

“In the five years he worked for the Dodgers, he attended just one game. Instead, he watched them on television in his home more than 3,000 miles from Dodger Stadium, channeling his thoughts toward the team’s success.

“Shpunt most often dispatched the energy from his home office, in a room that included a television, chair, bed and computer, watching the Dodgers late into the evening. If the Dodgers played on the West Coast, the game usually started at 10 p.m. in Boston.”

Shpunt was allegedly paid six figures. Current Dodgers manager Joe Torre has refused to speak about the psychic.

What do you think – can psychics assist sports teams? And is the use of psychic energy an unfair advantage?

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