Celebrate National Psychics Week

Recognize the Psychic in Your Life

It’s National Psychic Week (8/6 – 8/10), a time to celebrate psychics. They can be the most important advisors in your life, but are so often overlooked for recognition in a society which often discounts psychic phenomena. But that’s changing, as psychics gain more and more credit and awareness in the mainstream.

Celebrate the psychics in your life – let them know how much you care in the comments. After all, most psychics spend their lives fighting social stigma, doubt and maybe even outright hostility from the people around them, not to mention all the pitfalls that come with being an overly sensitive and attuned person. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! Get in touch with a psychic and get the benefit of psychic guidance in your life!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate National Psychics Week

  1. A

    Heather, Gelsomina , Daphne and Leslie -Much love and many blessings to each of you. You all have placed a peace in my heart and mind at different times. There were days that each of you made so much easier. Each of you has a special place within me. A

  2. Cubes

    I love Ms Krystal! She is simply the best! I’ve been talking to her since 09 and she’s been so right on everything I talk to her about. Things come to pass and I like that she keeps you from getting hurt by telling you how to approach a specific situation. I’m sure she’s saved me from many wasted heart aches 🙂 Ms Krystal, I am so grateful I met you and I believe it was ment to be. You deserve to be recognized!
    Huge hugs!


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