Anthony Hopkins Set to Play Psychic Doctor

Internationally-Known Star Portrays Psychic

Anthony Hopkins is set to star in a new movie about a psychic doctor who must track down a clairvoyant killer. The premise, which has been making the rounds in Hollywood, incorporates many of the realities and details of the psychic life—but will it portray psychics in a realistic and positive light? Will this be a breakthrough for the psychic community?

Indie Wire reports:

Looks like yet another script is going to have the honor of being covered with “NAR” notes. Anthony Hopkins has signed on to star in “Solace,” a long-in-development script that would feature the Academy Award winner as a psychic ex-doctor who now works for the FBI. However, he soon meets his match when he encounters a serial killer who also possesses an uncanny sense of clairvoyance.

“Solace” originated as a spec script over at New Line from screenwriters Ted Griffin and Sean Bailey. Somewhere along the way, things got screwy, and New Line tried to re-work the script into a followup to “Se7en.” While Morgan Freeman was never officially attached, the script essentially turned his brooding cynic Somerset into an action hero chasing after a psychic murderer. James Vanderbilt was hired for a re-write, and now the studio has brought in the big guns, as the current script bears the name of Peter Morgan, the award-winner who penned “The Queen” and “Frost/Nixon.” Others involved in the lengthy development have included Bruce Willis and directors Shekhar Kapur and Mark Pellington.

While there’s no director attached, Variety reports production is scheduled to start early next year. Hopkins, who appeared this year in “The Rite” and “Thor” as well as current festival attraction “360,” is still circling a few potential projects, including the lead in “Alfred Hitchcock And The Making Of Psycho” and a re-teaming with Kenneth Branagh for “Italian Shoes.” Meanwhile, HBO’s “The Corrections” is gearing up, and Hopkins is looking to slide right into that project as well (it appears that Donald Sutherland is no longer in the running).

What do you think—sound like a good movie? And what effect do you think it’ll have?

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2 thoughts on “Anthony Hopkins Set to Play Psychic Doctor

  1. Rebecca Hawkins

    It does sound like a good movie, And I personaly think it would do very well. The masses of people are getting more and more curious about the unknown. look at all of the movies that are being made.Alot are about the supernatural, and the unknown. People are wanting to know more about what really can be real. peoples minds are opening and there not being so small minded. thats why these types of movies do so well, thats a fact.

  2. T-bird

    Since you asked .. no, I don’t think this sounds like a good movie. Maybe I don’t know that much about psychics, but I can’t imagine anyone who is clairvoyant wanting to be a killer. I hope this movie doesn’t damage the credibility of psychics for those who have a hard time believing in them already. It’s just another way for the movie industry to make a buck.


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