Sex Q&A: Women Who Like Porn

Ryana said:

What about women who like porn? We are all assuming it’s only men who like it and we will “accommodate” them in order to have a better sex life. I am a woman and I like porn. I think a woman’s body is beautiful, and that doesn’t necessarily mean I am gay! There must be other women out there who also enjoy looking at porn by themselves, for themselves!

Dear Ryana,

I really want to thank you for suggesting such a liberating series of observations. Your enlightened view is one which is actually shared by many women. In truth, porn can be highly empowering to women, highly liberating and an excellent tool for sexual expansion.

Attitudes are changing, and changing quickly. Women represent the fastest growing demographic of porn consumers, a market highly sought after by the industry. The image of seedy, back-room movie productions is being shattered, as more and more porn film companies are being run by women.

The tired old argument that men like porn because they are visually stimulated, but women don’t like it because they are not, is nonsense. Women are every bit as visually enticed as men, perhaps even more so in many cases. I applaud you for not bowing to false and repressive standards. And if that frightens some people, well, that’s their problem, not yours.

Porn affects people on very deeply rooted levels, and so has a tendency to unleash emotions and sensations which aren’t so easily triggered in women otherwise. This raw energy is very tribal in its vibration, and very pagan in its quality, and reconnects us to places deep within ourselves and in nature, which have been lost in modern culture. Especially for women, it can bring an understanding of a very powerful form of feminine sexuality waiting to be unleashed.

So, Ryana, let no one stop you from taking pleasure in this ancient art form. You’re in far greater company than you know.

Be well.

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