Sex Q&A: Embrace Your Inner Goddess

Should You Date a Younger Man?

Yvette from Nassau asks:

I am 51 years old, and a 27 year old man is interested in me. I am confused. He stirs me. I like him. We have done nothing, but we talk a lot.

Liam’s Response:

Greetings, Yvette, and thank you for sharing. Life experience combined with richness and depth are erotic qualities indeed. Unfortunately, they aren’t usually the ones embraced by Western culture. I have a feeling most of your confusion comes from the messages sent by society in general (and the entertainment industry, in particular) which work very hard to convince us that, with only a very few exceptions, the entire idea of a much younger man courting an older woman is rather comic, if not downright ludicrous. The modern “Cougar” is spoken of in scoffing tones because, though we know such interludes do occur, nobody ever seriously contemplates the mystical qualities or sacred undercurrents of such a relationship.

The fact is younger men often seek out older women for sexual initiation. In ancient cultures, this was often the norm and buried somewhere deep in the primitive portion of our psyches we still remember. Young men instinctively understand that an older woman represents an image of the primordial Goddess as tender healer, wise lover and embracing mother. As I have often said, modern men are constantly seeking their mothers in relationships and in sex. How can they not, when they have been utterly robbed of their cosmic Mother by Western religion and patriarchy? Women have a spiritual lifeline in the form of an inner Goddess who will guide their steps if they are willing and lead them home. But for a man, there is so much less hope of this connection…Unless he finds a priestess to re-connect him to the flowing currents of the Mother. It is a beautiful and natural thing… However, make no mistake, this is not a relationship that can be made to fit society’s standards. Another unfortunate aspect of our culture is the utter inability to accept or appreciate the transient nature of life. Thus, we are always losing the magical essence of the moment worrying over what might or might not follow. Your experience with this young man could be a very spiritual one provided you do your duty as a daughter of the ancient Mother. Embrace him knowing such things are only for a season, and then let him go. I see that in time, he will find someone his own age and have a family, but the love you teach him now will go on assisting him for years to come as he faces heartbreak and tragedy. Sorrow is his lot, and he will need strength to meld pain with wisdom. So conduct your office well and may Astarte guide you.


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9 thoughts on “Sex Q&A: Embrace Your Inner Goddess

  1. Annabee

    Liam, It is not always the case that Older Woman Younger Man is temporary, I was Married to someone 16 years younger for 20 years, and it didn’t break up because of Age difference. I do look younger so it was never a problem publicly either. although I do admit, people laugh at the concept sometimes, I have also had a very personal relationship with a Man 19 years younger than me, and he has always preferred much older Women, is now 46 and still does. He has traveled vast distances to be with me too, and still phones and is in touch frequently. Its all a matter of preference, Chemistry, and yes Love. I must admit it is the most Passionate and Sexually wonderful I have encountered in my life. He says the same, although I am not planning to sail off into the Sunset with him. He is in New York, I am in Florida. We get on so well in every way. and we are close friends. Of course you do get the very much younger man that just wants the sexual experience, I really would not want a relationship like that, as It is so much better to share deep intimacy in other ways apart from Sex. and that is a little difficult for someone in their early 20s. for me that would be too far removed from both physical realities. But not for some others. I believe that Niche relationships can work so very well. As long as your choices are within the Law. Live and let others do the same without judging and saying it is only going to last a Season. Normal same age relationships do not always last either.

  2. Rickey, Midpines,Ca.

    I feel it is up to the individual to make this life choices experiencing your early years that have gone by thru somebody elses youth, but keep in mine that it’s only for a short time to come, cause he’ll get rired of the same o same o, you are on different mine set then his, it great to feel 20 yrs younger but it won’t last enjoy it, and the heart break to.

  3. C.Wright.Thru.

    i am the younger man (14 years younger), in this scenario.

    i’m a spiritual practitioner/healer/warrior (love learning as much as possible, about wisdom-related topics).
    and i wish my mate would embrace her inner Goddess (which comes through when making love – effortlessly sexy), yet throughout her day to day is where i see it would help her more so.
    she deserves a beautiful life (as ALL women do), and tapping into the wisdom of the Goddess within is the answer.

    as a matter of fact the wisdom of the Goddess is the missing link right now throughout the world, to help us heal and evolve.

    Bless ALL Goddesses!

  4. chloeChloe ext. 9421

    Great response Liam!

    Among my favorite lines of your, “Another unfortunate aspect of our culture is the utter inability to accept or appreciate the transient nature of life”.

    So true. I believe Eckhart Tolle’s books do a wonderful job in helping people to meditate on, and work through the deep truth of that.

    You’re always spot on Liam! Thanks.

    Love & Light,

    ~Chloe (ext 9421)

  5. Sherri

    Incredibly wonderful answer!
    I am 41 and my lover, age 22 sought me out and I let him in. He now lives with me.
    Liam’s answer is so helpful for me in keeping my own relationship in perspective. Unfortunately, I feel that I have failed to stay in my wisdom and power all the time within this relationship. I feel he has taught me more than I have taught him. I have not been self-less enough to give him the love he deserves and instead have decried my own needs not being met.
    We do love each other. I wonder if I can make up for how I have failed him before it is too late.

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hail and Well Met, Liam

    Great advice, yes, age is but a number…..let go of the stigma and enjoy life !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Ellesbelle

    i value this topic , as i am 55 and recently finished a relationship with a young 38 year old ,, i took a nurturing role and when he left he left a man not aboy that came to me ,, as hard as it was i know he will deal with his life a lot easier i gave him the tools and the love for him to find true happines ,, my problem is now i cant seem to find older men attractive anymore ,, they annoy me and do nothing for me to be honest so im in a bind ,, but i also feel there are so many young guys who are needing this help and as long as im able i will be with them

  8. Phyllis Craig

    i did this once, & was crucified by my so called “friends” because of our societies rules. i knew i wasn’t going to marry him, but he came along at a very low point in my life & he simply made me laugh. i had lost the love of my life to cancer & as you said, i knew it was only for a season so what the heck? but, u find out who your friends r.


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