Red Responds: What is Your Life Purpose?

They Only Seem Like Detours

Andrea Lynn from Uxbridge-Milford asks:

Hi, Red. I’m really starting to question my life purpose/destiny and I’m never sure I’m on the right path. I want to make a difference, be successful and have a family of my own. I thought I knew what I was meant to do and be, but now I feel like I have taken too many detours. What will I end up doing with my life? Am I on the right track to getting there? I keep wondering if destiny can be altered? I do know I made some wrong turns, but I also know I’ve learned a lot. I just want to be happy and achieve what I was put on earth to do,even if it means I won’t have the 2.5 kids and true love I used to desire. I would rather have the dream house! All in all I guess you can see why I am questioning spirituality, life paths and destiny. I need guidance and wonder if anyone has been assigned to help me on my path because I feel lost. Thank you for your valuable intuition.

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Andrea Lynn,

Your life path presents almost in sections, so I’d have to say some of the “detours” you’ve taken were extremely purposeful, and not necessarily a detour at all. Instead, I’d have to say they were pit stops on the road to enlightenment. You have learned a lot and had some fun in the process. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Destiny always gets fulfilled. As individuals we do have more power than we often realize when it comes to HOW it gets fulfilled. So, in a way, destiny can be altered—but never escaped. Don’t worry, you’re on track with your life. It’s just a little more tense and confusing right now because you’re in a transitional period; it’s the end of an era and the time for new beginnings.

Being the multi-talented, over-achiever you are, there’s very little that will stand between you and the dream house. The primary question is, would you prefer to buy it on your own, or wait to purchase it with the new husband? There is a marriage in your future, in what appears to be four years down the road. So, don’t rule out the 2.5 kids just yet!

Sometimes as we journey through life we more or less are meant to feel lost, because it really does help us to find clarity and strength. You’re in that process. In a few months, as your social circle widens, you will find a teacher or two in the disguise of friends. You know all that praying for change you’ve been doing? Well, your prayers are about to be answered. You’ve got many changes on the horizon, and they all seem to start manifesting at once.

As far as making a difference, your career path is going to have an impact on that. On the professional side, you shine brightly in the realms of social work, alternative healing practices and teaching. But, I think the teaching aspect will more than be fulfilled with the books that you will eventually produce in your “spare” time. You are supposed to help many, but you do so by touching one life at a time. How you fulfill that piece of your destiny is truly up to you.

Brightest Blessings,


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6 thoughts on “Red Responds: What is Your Life Purpose?

  1. queen13

    i am tired of expecting children of my own naturally. i want to go for test tube baby called ivf (where the male sperm fertilizes the egg from outside for 2 – 3 days before transferring to the uterus) will I have children through that means? i am in my 40s and am in dare need of my own children. pls help.

  2. albert

    Every morning we wake up it means new beginning, and we have to take a moment to evaluate our path for the day, like a relationship on its way out for one reason or another, but you could not tell the other side because off what you think they may feel, i had to find out the hard way after staying in relationship for six years were i did not enjoy it as much, we had our moments i can not deny that, but i found out that i did not and could not be with her for life and at the same time i could not break her heart, the reason we both were lonely people and no one else family nor friends around us, and i have done every thing right i quite a job to be close to her and bought a house so we both can live and share responsibilities, that did not work …….. will continue later thanks for reading

  3. leslie magouirk

    red i dont believe like my family does and i want to have my own life. i feel trapped inside and if i dont get out and live my own life i will die help??

  4. marialaloca77Mariah

    Feelings of defeat even b4 trying is my all time revolving door. Over and over again. Feelings of being disconnected even though everything is in order.i Feeling out of place when there’s no reason to… What is my role in life for the long haul. I’ve lost my place. My fondest moments were to take people out of there tunnel and see the light… Life is simple. We make it hard!!!!! To get out and socialize. Its become an obsticle. Why?


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