Red Responds: Fired From Every Job

Dear Red,

I can’t seem to hold down a job. Every job I take I get fired from. This is a problem that has been going on for years. It used to be I could stay in a job for a couple of years — now it’s a couple of months. I’m so sad about this and need to know what to do.


Dear Toni,

This may come off as sounding rather gruff, so please understand that I’m trying to help you – not hurt you.

Looking to the past sometimes is the only way to figure out the present. You come through as very good at getting interviews and not too shabby at landing the job. During this part of the process there seems to be an air of excitement about you, and an eagerness that is very beneficial to you.

After you start a job and become accustomed to it, the eagerness and excitement really fades away from you. Your whole persona seems to change, and it not only affects your work, but those whom you work for and with. It is the grumpy/sulky/bored energy that you are putting out that is initiating the decline and eventual dismissal. While you do your duties and are cordial, you are bored stiff and seem to project a negative vibe. While you may not think you are being “difficult,” others perceive you that way.

Another thing you have working against you is your age. As much as I hate to say that, it is limiting your ability to advance. This can be stressful, and when you are stressed, the negative vibe starts to ooze out.

You need to find work that you actually enjoy, not dread. Even though this may sound contradictory, you are gifted in dealing with people. If you search out a position that will allow you to remain busy and develop short-term relationships, you will do great. But you need variety, not routine. Two areas that present as harmonious to you in the realm of career are sales (not a high-pressure sales position) and personal care. Another option for you is real estate.

You have a couple of opportunities on your horizon. So, whatever career path you choose to take, keep it fresh and exciting for yourself. It’s a bit cliché, but make every day a good one. Do this, and if you decide the job isn’t for you, at least you can leave on your terms.

Good luck!
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