Red Responds: He Started Acting Differently

Hi Red,

I look forward to reading your column whenever I receive the emails from WC Horoscopes and hope you can help me.

I live in Australia and met a guy in May last year. We got on really well — especially being able to laugh together. After a few months knowing him I asked where we were heading to which he replied that he was not looking for a relationship. In November last year he took a job offer in London. He came back at Christmas time and we saw each other, but a few weeks before going back to London he started acting differently towards me. He went back to London without a text or call. I have heard from him via text since he has been gone, and he has been apologetic about not saying goodbye in person, but that he wasn’t well while in Australia. I don’t know what to believe, what to think, etc.

When we are together everything is great both emotionally and physically, but other times he is distant.

What do you see for the two of us — if anything? Am I wasting my time thinking about him?

Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Dear Flora,

It is not a flat-out waste of time to continue thinking about this man, but the context of how you think about him and this relationship is what needs to be altered.

The two of you have a good and strong connection, but as much as he is attracted to you, he does not see how a more involved or defined relationship can succeed. This is partly the reason why he behaves oddly or distant at times. He doesn’t quite know how to categorize you. Sometimes it is easier for people to withdraw than to face or share their feelings and concerns head-on.

The relationship you have with him can most definitely continue as it has been, almost indefinitely. I do see him visiting and the two of you sharing quality time together, but in the end, he always leaves. He can be a good friend and lover, but not a steady partner. If you pressure him for more of a conventional relationship, he will run.

Your quandary and confusion is not going to last forever, for there is a new man entering your life in June or July. While it will not be an “instant relationship”, it does have the potential to evolve to that level. Your focus will shift toward this new relationship, even though a level of friendship will be maintained with your current man.

Sometimes people don’t know what they have until it is too late. While your current man will feel the loss of you and contemplate “what could have been”, he will come to the conclusion that he blew his chance.

Take the good that your current relationship has to offer, but without holding on too tightly. The day is coming where you will have reason to let go.

Brightest Blessings,
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