Red Responds: He Invited Her to New York and Then Disappeared

Dear Red,

I was talking to this guy for a while on the internet, and we were only just friends. He would make comments about feelings toward me; I would laugh them off thinking he was playing around. Then one day, he laid it on the line, and informed me he was serious in his feelings toward me… I admit, it swept me off my feet. He would tell me he cared and wanted to be with me and actually loved me and couldn’t wait to be with me. He lives in NY and I in NC, and he invited me up to spend New Year’s with him and his family.

Well, like a fool, I fell for it — I guess being alone for so long wanted to believe that someone could and would want to be with me. Then he just disappeared, and stopped talking to me. So I deleted him from my life. I guess what I’m asking is, was he the one and was it just bad timing? Is there a ONE for me? I’m really starting to wonder at being 34 and never married!

I’m a true Libra, I wear my heart on my sleeve, will my scales ever be balanced again?

Thanks Red,
Trying to tip the scales in Wilmington, NC

Dear Ms. Libra,

Although this man was not the one for you, there is one out there in cyberspace who will find you and not disappear.

It is very hard to discern who is sincere and who is not in person, much less over the ‘net. While I can’t say that you were a fool, it does seem like you were played.

Just because you have yet to marry doesn’t mean that you won’t. It just means that you have yet to meet someone to spend your life with. Having said that, realize the many reasons why someone would want to be with you, rather than questioning how someone could want to be with you. You’ve got a lot to offer a person and a relationship, but if you fail to see that in yourself, many people will also fail to see it in you.

Finding love and finding it with the right person is a challenge for everyone, and while age really has nothing to do with it, timing does. It just hasn’t been your time.

While you may meet an interesting man or two this coming year, there is one in particular that is being brought to my attention. I believe you will be “introduced” to him through an on-line dating site. While the relationship does begin in cyberspace, logistically he is in your area, within 45 minutes of you. The month of August is being shown to me as when you will see him face-to-face. I’m getting nothing as to when you will have initial contact with him, though. All I can tell you about that is you’ve gotten to know him over the computer and phone before the two of you meet, in a very public place.

He is an average guy in terms of appearance, and although a bit timid or shy in presentation, he is above average in intelligence. His personality and way of being makes him really cute. Definitely one of those types who “grow on you”.

While he is not apt to sweep you off your feet or romance you to the high heavens in a fairy-tale kind of way, he has the sincerity and stability that lasting relationships are made of.

So, even though I don’t see you necessarily tipping the scales, you will achieve what I can only describe as a perfect balance.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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