Psychic Q&A: Workplace Romance

In Love With Her Boss

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Dear Psychic Kallista,

I’m really attracted to my boss. His name is Michael. I know that he has been hurt in the past, but I am wondering, do we have a chance at a stable relationship or any kind of relationship for that matter? Is a workplace romance a good idea?


From Employee to Girlfriend

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear From Employee to Girlfriend,

Thanks for writing to me! I want to let you know that your boss, Michael, finds you attractive too, and you do have a chance for a workplace romance. However, it will be like going through the brambles to get to the berries. In other words, you have your work cut out for you.

Yes, I am seeing that Michael did go through a difficult time in his past, and that relationship still haunts him today. It’s making him somewhat skittish about letting love into his life again. He is also very aware that he is your boss, and as you no doubt realize, you both must be cautious about crossing work boundaries. Neither one of you certainly wants to have problems on the job.

If you decide to get together, know that it will move slowly. It will first seem more like a friendship, but it looks like it will evolve into romance toward the end of the year. For the best way to stabilize your relationship, you two will ultimately discuss which one of you needs to work someplace else in order for it to safely flourish. You’ll need to take your workplace romance out of the workplace. Right now it appears that you would be the one who needs to make that sacrifice, so ask yourself if you are willing to do that. The good news is, you would find an even better job if you chose to go that way.

Time and patience are certainly your friends in this matter.

Wishing you all that is wonderful,


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  1. Robin

    My friend name is ricky and I did him wrong is he goin to come back to me soon or is ricky go be with this gurl I feel it in my heart that he is with

  2. Robin

    I’m in love with a scropio and I’m a pisces and he has a girlfriend and he will not tell me the truth and ive been honest this whole time

  3. Amber

    Hello, I hope you’re doing well. My name is Amber, This is my last year in college and I just want to know what does my future has in store for me like job, relationship ( with “W” or “T” ,”T” is from Norway and we one class together) future scholarships money ( I applied for one, but I doubt I will get the money due to the email they have)and a car?




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