Psychic Q&A: Mourning and Money

Torn Apart by Money

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Dear Psychic Nevada,

Can you tell me, will my family ever be united again? I lost my grandpa in 1986 from cancer and my grandma passed away in 2013. I was very close to them and they raised me. Then, my cousin passed away in 2008. We were more like siblings than cousins. I attempted CPR to save his life, but it did not work. His mother (my aunt) passed away in 2012. My stepson passed away just two days later. My dad passed away in 2014 and my other grandpa, just four months later. Recently, my favorite uncle passed away from a broken heart. Those of my family members who are living are now fighting over money. Their fighting has forever impacted a lot of people too. So I’m wondering, are we going to pull through? Can they get past the greed?



Psychic Nevada ext. 6581 responds:

Dear C.,

Beginning to reunite and pull through will require the next greatest challenge: release. Instead of emphasizing forgiveness or surrender as healing medicine, my hope is that “release will spark relief” towards coming together again. If your family can release their personal expectations about how to grieve, then pulling through looks more possible. However, this possibility would require not so much talking, but choosing. Three of your remaining family members need to choose to release their mental and emotional perspectives before being able to reunite.

The choice to release the guilt and blame surrounding the death of your cousin must take place in order to pull through as a family. This is especially true for a male who was close to your cousin. The daily heartache and feelings of loneliness for a female family member who has chosen to keep her pain silent would serve well as a neutral and nonjudgmental leader in the family.

Sometimes releasing through verbal communication is the healing medicine needed, but perhaps not for a female family member with a sharp mind and sharp tongue. This type of abrasive communication needs an outlet, like exercise or art or even keeping a journal. If not, conflict and confusion will continue, and add fuel to the fire that needs to be put out.

There has to be a significant and humbling amount of grace and mercy given to each family member’s grieving process, behaviors, and choices. No individual experiences it the same way. Accepting this as imperfect human behavior to traumatic losses and emotional shocks will help drastically in uniting as a family again.

Your family members will continue not to see things the same way and that is okay. The healing and pulling through will grow best with healthier communication, accepting imperfect behaviors as human, and releasing the expectations of how things should have been throughout the years. This will continue to be a slow-moving process that should not be rushed.

May extraordinary healing and release bless your family beyond all human understanding.

With gratitude,


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