The Power of Pets

Dog friends Is there a special furry, four-legged someone in your life? Our pets truly can light up our lives with something so simple as a cuddle, a kiss or a wagging tail when you return home. Spiritual author Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) has a new book out for all those blessed with the company of a loving pet.

Guardians of Being is a collection of Tolle’s spiritual quotes accompanied by delectable little illustrations by Mutts Comics cartoonist Patrick McDonnell.

Here is a sampling of the enlightenment you’ll find within:

“What is it that so many people find enchanting in animals? Their essence — their Being — is not covered up by the mind, as it is in most humans. And whenever you feel that essence in another, you also feel it in yourself.”

Check out some of the adorable illustrations from Guardians of Being here.

Tell us about your pets!

17 thoughts on “The Power of Pets

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  2. vivienne

    Hello I found a little Jack russell a few months ago and I named her poppy but my son had a girl friend with the same name and asked me to change it, so I called her Daisy as I said she looked like a little flower, however someone phoned our local radio station and claimed her a couple of weeks later so we had to return her turns out her name was Poppy.

  3. Jen

    Hey Kimberly,
    My cat Bowie Stardust is like your Jack. She meows at me when I talk to her its the cutest/funniest thing! I spoke to Verbena once about Bowie (for a pet reading) and she did Bowie’s astrology, turns out Bowie is a Leo. Makes sense, she’s the most rambunctious little kitten (she’s about 1)
    We’ll be publishing more pets articles, so stay tuned 😀

  4. Kimberly

    Hello, I have 2 very special cats in my life. One all black and the other all white.
    The oldest being Pinky the white cat… She is such a sweetheart. I have had her for 11 years and we understand each other well, it’s just this unspoken bond. Every time I get hurt physically or emotionally she is always by my side meowing away and trying to cheer me up. She loves to cuddle too, especially in the early morning. She has more of a Virgo type of personality, avoiding conflict, quiet, doesn’t like chaos, and she is very sweet.
    I tend to protect her from my black cat Jack, he has more of a Leo type of personality. He always wants to be the center of attention and he acts as if he can talk. He responds to what I say with many meows. He always wants me to go to him and rub his mane. He is only about 3 years old though so he’s still growing up. They are both very spoiled.
    It is truly a blessing to have animals in your life. I have always been blessed with cats and they make great companions even though they love their independence, they are always willing to show you that unconditional love.

  5. Estelle Seibert

    Hello. I’d like to tell you about my children. They are of the four-foot kind. My children are the absolute loves of my life! My prodigy child is 6 years old. She can do a small routine in sign language. She can shake 3 paws. It’s true. My son, well he’s just stuck on stupid. He’s confused, as to what species he is. He thinks he’s jack -rabbit, goat and part cat. Both of my children were adopted. My daughter’s name, @ the Humane Society…was Bess. However, her rabbies certificate said BEAST. I thought how God awful of a name. Not being sure of her name…I sat her, infront of me. Asked her if she liked Gracie. And she slurpped me. That’s how Gracie came to be. My son, approximately 4 and lucky to still be alive…well I named him after the man that I took care of for years, and he ended up w/Alzheimer’s and later passed away. I wrote this letter to the man’s daughter; elling of how honored Pete would be that I named my child after him. His daugher calls and tells me, that her Dad was quite the cantancerous person. I said well…he’s now residing in my son. And she laughed. Pete, the dog, has clipped the sides of my legs, and I’ve found myself @ the bottom of 14 steps. He’s very trying. But I love him. Both of my children are a godsend!!!

  6. kninelover

    I have 3 wonderful furry, four legged companions. I love my dogs soooo much and they love me unconditionaly. They live in the house with me, I talk to them, they understand me too. They are so in tune with my routine,they are my best friends and most dependable friends! They are honest, loving, affectionate, and trust worthy. Can’t find many people like that anymore in this world! They show respect for me and for each other. hey they even sleep with me! They are very comforting to me and know when I don’t feel well, and they are by my site the whole time. Thanks for letting me share how important dogs can be.

  7. angelbrowneyes32

    I have three beautiful dog’s. Two Yorkies that are so sweet. Max and Daisy. I think Max is human lol… He is the love of my life. Then there is cody who is a malteese ans the newest addition to our family . He has the energy that I am lacking lol…We adore them!!! The little one is still in the process of potty training {lot’s of fun} !!and teathing on everything including my other dogs tails…ouch!

  8. martha

    my cats have been my salvation. i have 6 adults and 11 kittens right now. i recently went through a very rough time. the first 6 were there for me. they are very loving. they all have their own personality. they are much like chrildren. they slept with me and would cuddle up close and actually reach out with there paws as if hugging me. there love is unconditional. maybe we humans should take lessons from animals. watching the cats, it’s amazing .needless to say mine are very spoiled.

  9. natasha

    Hello I adopted a 3 legged poodle about three months ago who is now the center of my home and community she is adorable my family just had to see her they traveled to my home to see her from another state her name is poochie and she is a trooper you would never know she has 3 legs in less I tell you did I mention she is 9 years old and acts if she is a 10 month old she is the cutest and I think she is the best dog in the world she is so calm about everthing she is truly a blessing.

  10. Jen

    Hi Fran, Your kitty and dogs sound so cute! Pets have always made a huge difference in my well being. I would love for you to write your experience! I need loads of content because we’ve been making big changes please send me any ideas or things you’d like to see (that is an open invitation to all readers!).
    I don’t feel sick anymore thank goodness but my lip and chin are still numb 🙁 i can kind of feel tingles / burning every now and again but I have to accept its going to take awhile if it heals at all.
    Hope you’re doing well 😀

  11. Stacey

    No doubt, my two little weiner dogs are truly mystical magical little beings, sent to keep me balanced. They are such an incredible source of unconditional love! They are truly a joy in my life, one that’s kept me focused and calm in the face of much much transition and anxiety. They calm me instantly, they make me feel loved and blessed to have known their little essences in my life. They teach me, every day that true love is always patient, constant, and fulfilling. What wonderful little beasts God has sent to watch over me! I am forever grateful!

  12. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    I couldn’t have pets while I was growing up due to family allergies in the home.
    As an adult, I noticed a “Pet of the Week” feature run by the local Animal Shelter in the local paper. That city’s Animal Shelter advertised “Pet of the Week” when the pet had 3 days left-it wasn’t a shelter that could afford to keep pets more than 30 days before they were euthanized. One lunch hour visit and a little kitten who had been abused went back to work with me. 17 years ago.
    I didn’t know how much pleasure a little kitten running down the staircase to greet me when I returned from work could be. Since then, she has evolved into a small, sweet arbiter of character of the visitors to my home. If she stays in the living room, it’s an indication of good character. If she silently disappears until the visitor leaves the house-she’s never wrong.
    If I work at the computer too long, she hops up on my desk and then lays down on the computer keyboard. Get the hint!!??!! If I have a cold or don’t feel well, she curls up at the bottom of my throat and heals me with her little body heat and big purr.
    The first time I carried her in my arms to walk across the street to the public beach (well peppered with “No Dogs” signs), a sputtering public official approached me and officiously said, “Ma’am, that’s a cat”. Thank you, sir, I wasn’t certain of that.
    We’ve now added a new member-a 10 lb. lab puppy who will soon grow into approximately 60 lbs. I wasn’t certain how that partnership would work out, but after sniffing each other nose to nose, they now nap together with the little one curled up inside the long, gangly legs of the puppy.
    There truly nothing more relaxing than watching a pet sleep.
    Ext. 9146

  13. Fran

    Hi Jen,
    You should turn your article into a blog. It was a great story! I didn’t know that Verbena could communicate with animals’ guides as well as our own. Awesome! I might just have to call her about my chihuahua.
    I love that Bowie Stardust (what a cool name for such a cool cat!) chose you. That’s what happened with a beautiful Abyssinian kitten that I used to have. We sort of picked each other, and he was the most loving, adorable, intelligent animal I have ever known.
    Are you feeling better? I am still planning on writing to you about my experience. It gives me the shivers just thinking about it.
    Talk to you soon!

  14. Fran

    Oh, and about the bunny…..she thinks she’s one of the dogs, and they accept her as one of their own! She actually goes around chasing the chihuahua! Too funny….

  15. Fran

    Gotta say I LOVED this article! I have two dogs (and a bunny), and they aren’t just pets, but members of the family. My cairn terrier is an old gal, and as sweet as pie. When I come home, and if she’s out back, she’s waiting for me on the deck, crying (whining, really) as if she’s telling me, “I missed you soooo much….I’m sooooo happy you’re home…..don’t ever leave me again!”
    My chihuahua is a year and a half old, and she’s a pistol! She’s a small little thing, but she just doesn’t know it. I think she thinks she’s a doberman. But she’s so cute when she wags her tail…..her entire backside wags along with it. She’s exuberant, and loves to give kisses. All you have to do is ask, and she’s more than willing to plant one on you.
    It’s been said that God made dogs as a reflection of his love for us….and we all know that God spelled backwards is d.o.g.


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