Pet Telepathy

Any pet psychic will tell you that all animals are telepathic – including your pet! How else, for instance, does a Canadian goose know to migrate from Canada to Mexico when they’ve never even been there before? The good news is you don’t have to be Dr. Doolittle to communicate with your animal friend. With a little practice, you too, can start listening and talking to your pet, offering them a more comfortable life in the process.

Observation pointers
Learning to tune into your pet begins by slowing down and paying attention to your animal’s interests and reactions, says Karen (ext. 9171), a clairvoyant who specializes in pet readings. Our animals are tuned into us all of the time — by our feelings and our words, but a calm state also increases your chances of hearing your pet’s response.

First, notice their facial expressions. Do they whimper or whine? Does your cat’s tail swish like mad in certain instances? Do they make sounds when you are petting them? It takes this kind of understanding to begin communication.

Next, make eye contact and ask your pet a simple question – the sort that requires a simple answer. Don’t expect a complicated lengthy response. Verbalize the first thing that comes into your mind. Repeat it out loud and watch your pet’s reaction. You might be surprised at the facial or vocal answer. Some pets will have a specific way of answering, such as lunging happily at you or licking your face to acknowledge that you’ve made a communication connection. Don’t think, “is this real?” Be open to your observations.

Teach yourself new tricks
Begin talking to your pet about everything as you would to a child, suggests Terri Diener of If you’re going to work, tell them when you will be back. It’s reassuring to them. After all, why do you think they’re at the door waiting for you? For one, they can telepathically sense when you will be back (they’re tuned into us all the time, remember) and two – they miss you and don’t like being left alone!

Ask your pet if they want to join you as you do things around the house, says Karen. This shows them that you respect them and it infuses them with trust. As a result, they’ll come to you if they need something or are in discomfort.

Also, be mindful that animals will reflect your emotional state. If your cat or dog seems a little more agitated than usual, perhaps it’s because you’re actually the one who has stress issues, says Diener. Tell them why you are upset or nervous so they don’t come up with their own conclusions.

Call a professional
If you are having a serious issue with your animal and need some help and/or solutions, it may be best to contact a pet psychic. When a pet suddenly changes its habits, damages things around the house or has a drastic change in personality, it’s time to get some professional advice. A pet psychic can speak to your animal over the phone and give you specific remedies.

Trouble getting your pet to listen? Get help! Talk to a pet psychic. Call 1.800.573.4830 or click here now.

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