Creating Soul Bonds with Animals

Yes, animals really do often choose us. In fact it can be said that they always choose us and we them on a soul level. The relationship between a pet and its owner (or if we are talking about cats, we should say “the person the cat owns”) is as important in many ways as that between a parent and a child. This is because, on the ladder of soul evolution, the very last step before becoming human is a series of lifetimes spent as an animal that has a lot of contact with humans. And if that contact can take the form of being someone’s beloved pet, so much the better.

It is sometimes easy to recognize an animal that is in its last lifetime of “practicing to be a human.” These are the dogs who sit in the passenger seat of a pick-up truck and you have to look twice because they are sitting there so much like a human being that you thought for a moment that they were one.

These lifetimes are important for animal souls because they help to build the foundation of what their later lives as humans will be like. And so their life circumstances are often very carefully orchestrated (and yes, this sometimes includes the difficulties they have to face). In addition, we build soul bonds with animals, just as we do with other human beings, and are always encountering and reuniting with the same beloved individuals. There are soulmate bonds but there are also soul friend and parent/child soul bonds. Likewise there are soul bonds that exist between certain animals and us that evoke a kind of unforgettable relationship.

Given all of these factors it is no wonder that some animals just seem to walk right over and choose us. This is because animals are more innocent and instinctive and so have no barriers to the kind of deeper understanding that tells them that they belong with a certain person.

My father was a dog person. One winter he spent a long time working underneath the car and every day a little orange kitten would climb onto his chest in the very cramped space beneath the car and fall asleep. After several days, despite his reluctance, my father became the cat’s Daddy. Later this cat saved his life by killing a venomous snake that my father had not known was sitting under his chair.

Decades later, the first time I picked my dear Levi up – not necessarily planning anything – he relaxed immediately and gave me a look that said “Thank God you’ve finally arrived!” Of course I had to take him home.

I tell my animal friends to take their time becoming human because it can get kind of rough here sometimes. But in the meantime while we give to them, they are a great comfort and inspiration to us.

14 thoughts on “Creating Soul Bonds with Animals

  1. Grace

    Just to correct a very lucridous misconception that animals are evolving into human form !!!!!! How absolutely typical for a narcissistic race of beings (human) that think they are the ONLY intelligent race worth evolving into !!!!!!!!!!!!! Animals are FAR ahead in terms of evolution than human beings, hence they will NEVER evolve INTO humans. It is spiritually impossible for ANY being to evolve into “another” species !!!!!! Each species simply evolves within their own genetic spiritual race. It is quite repulsive that human beings believe that they are the DOMINANT species. they are NOT. they are simply PART of the Whole. I sincerely hope that one day, (millions of years in the future I believe) that the species called “human beings” will actually evolve past their own ego and inflated insidious sense of self importance and realize that there are OTHER beings around them, who are far MORE evolved….. the example of the Cat showing Her companion the evidence of breast cancer…. without any so called “knowledge” of human anatomy….. humans cannot do this, on any level, without the aid of machines…. this only reveals the spiritual depth and superior evolution that Cats display constantly…… human beings are to LISTEN to their animal guides and ASK them to help humans evolve….. NOT the other way around….. human beings will have to one day, destroy their own ego and ANY sense of superiority that only damages the relationships between humans and the “other” beings all around them…..

    1. Megan

      When did she ever say that humans were dominate. Never but we are the main force effecting this plant for better and for worse and these super advanced animal souls you speak of are clearly advanced enough to know that. So if your an all knowing ultra pure animal soul wouldn’t you choose to reincarnate (not “evolve”) as a human and use your advanced soul to assist us “barbaric, ignorant” humans change this planet for the better. You seem to think evolve means get better but it means to genetically adapt to the environment in which you inhabit. Your delusional if you think animals are pure and evolved. Cats will “play” with a mouse, basically torturing it before they kill it simply because it’s fun. Dogs will attack children because there in there territory evan if the children never even touched the dog. Also wild animals kill and eat other BABY animals sometimes they don’t even eat them and sometimes humans will risk their lives to help or save an animal. So in the end no species is more advanced spiritually then another the mere act demeaning another species better then another shows how much you still have to learn spiritually. So do the world a favor and spread peace and understanding and compassion.

  2. Jaguar

    sadly, most “human beings” on this planet “humanize” their pets, imposing all their own deepest fears and insecurities on the beautiful animals that share their lives. the reality is the some animals are MORE evolved than the human beings they are with !!!! this is the reason that some animal souls come into the life of the human being. to TEACH the human being something that will aid their evolution. but sadly, due to the “superiority” complex of the majority of human beings. this truth is NOT realized, and humans “humanize” their pets, instead of treating them with respect and dignity, being humble and open to the animal’s teachings. Human beings have a very LONG way to go before they overcome their ego, and allow animals to guide them, in all ways. Maybe then human beings will ALLOW these exquisite teachers to TEACH, instead of human beings being the arrogant narcissistic race that they truly are.

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  6. alex

    I adopted a 7 year old newfie mix when i moved to another state and into a cabin in the mountains (after about a week decided i would go nuts living there by myself). I had been unemployed for almost a year and having been through various periods of “depression” (including medication), and having waited almost 20 years to get a dog since i was little. I told my mom that having Kofi was better than any anti-depressant, which was true. Didn’t sleep past 7 am for 3 years (he’d nudge my pillow every morning and do the “breakfast dance”). Very sadly i had to put him down 3 years ago, but he had a great life (3 years longer than the vets expected), chasing rabbits, being off leash most of the time, and was totally devoted. I had a feeling when he went that he was trying to tell me he was leaving so i could get on with my life, and do some traveling:) (i wasn’t great or much interested in taking care of my self, but when things were tight, Kofi ate better than i did). I still miss him dearly, and i do have a feeling he will come back in another animal (he had a very soulful spirit about him, i kinda thought he was my grandfather reincarnated. For now i just dog-sit other dogs and have co-custody of a former housemate’s dog, but i know i’m not entirely ready for another dog of my own (almost!). It is a huge commitment. And i still feel him around me quite a bit so i don’t feel particularly lonely.

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  8. Jana

    I come from a very large family of mostly all females. About a year before I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer (which does not run in my family) my beautiful cat, Sadie, jumped up on the sofa, as usual, to sit next to me while I was watching TV. There was nothing unusual about her jumping up to sit next to me, but what she did a few moments later was very strange and not at all typical.

    She kept pushing her cute little nose into the lower left side of my left breast. I thought it was odd but I didn’t respond as I wanted to see what she was up to. So, I pretended as if nothing was different and kept watching TV. As I went to pet her, just as I always did, she started pushing her paws into the same area of my left breast. She was not doing it aggressively or causing me any discomfort but I just thought it was quite odd since she had never before done anything like that.

    About a week later, I started having unusual breast pain and weird symptoms. I was a bit overdue for a mammogram, so I went and had one. I thought maybe I had a breast infection, but cancer never entered my mind given my healthy lifestyle and family history and I did not feel any lumps during a self-exam. I thought Sadie was onto something but it didn’t occur to me that it was breast cancer because I did not have a lump. Well, they found a spot on the mammogram report and the biopsy confirmed it was (early stage) breast cancer.

    The Dr said those three awful words, “You have cancer”, as I was facing the mirror in her exam room and she showed me exactly where the cancer was. I had a micro-calcification and a positive biopsy but I did not have a lump so I did not suspect cancer. I assumed I had a breast infection of some sort. All of the sudden I had remembered when Sadie was pushing her little nose there and then pushing her paws in the same spot. The spot Sadie was concentrated on was exactly where the cancer was. She was trying to alert me. Is that amazing or what!

  9. Joe Krupinski

    My best friend and I shared a dog named ‘Bear.’ This was more than just an ordinary dog. He emitted a specialty about him that transpired all boundaries of reality. He, too, sat in the passenger seat of my car, like a human, just gazing out through the windshield as if he didn’t want to miss an ounce of the activity going on outside. On walks we would encounter squirrels and cats. He would stop and stare, but never initiated any kind of chase. It was like he believed in ‘Live and let live.’ Amazing, I always thought. He was a rescue. But because of our living situations (she had another smaller dog and I was not allowed one in my building), we had to find another home for Bear. It was not easy because of feeding and other issues he had from his year of abuse and neglect. But we finally found a policeman in Pasadena, who raised on separate occasions from ‘puppyhood’ a coyote and a wolf. He, along with his two sons, turned out to be the ideal owners for Bear. And he has fulfilled their lives as much as he did ours.

  10. Angila

    Thank you so much Peggy Sue for your story. It really hit home for me because I have been in that same spot for the first time of my life not too long ago. I am going through the hardest time of my life and your story helped me realize that I’m not alone and some day I too can look back at this time and the transformation I made and just be thankful for the second chance at life. Your strength has inspired me.

  11. Peggy Sue

    Animals do more than rescue, in the ‘saved my life by an act ‘ manner commonly heard in stories of pets wakening people as fire endangers them , killing a poisonous snake, and other overt actions.
    With the ability to bond with people,and most especially with a particular person, animals save lives of people suffering in the irrational world of mental illness. Revealing this very personal information is a first for me in a public forum.
    Intellectually I know there is no shame being afflicted with depression so profound that suicide seems the only way to alleviate the pain caused by this most common form of mental disease. The social stigma of being depressed is frequently minimized by society. Patients are told to ,buck up, this too shall pass, pull yourself up by our bootstraps, and consume this or that pharmacuetical product to stablize mood achieving a state of mind free from thoughts of taking one’s life.
    Mental illness, often leaves patients incapabe of connecting with welll intentioned people (professional and friends) around them . This sense of certain and unenduralbe isolation is often unrelenting despite herculian attempts of aid, utilizing the best science has to offer. Many suffer and some succeed in taking thier own lives.
    With a long family history of chronic depresssion, it was not a shock when syptoms manifested in my life about 40 years ago. I underwent many yearsof talk theray, medication , repeated hospitalizations, spiritual interventions,and alterntives therapy at the instence of family and friends and employers.
    During years of aggressive treatment , a constant circumstance emerged. When,at the lowest points of at least a dozen episodes of mental despair with manifestation of obsessive suicidal ideation, 5 really close calls, an almost mystical spiritual awakening of responsibleilty to the innocent cats in my life demanded, I at least, postpone taking my life until arraingements were made to provide for these living beings with whom I shared my home, and crumbing life.
    The responsibility I was willing to abandon for myself and the peolple around me was surpassed by an inablilty to abondon the most innocent of creatures in my life. While the ablity to cry deserted me , verbal expressions of giref, happiness, and most other feelings deemed uniquley human absented from my state of consciousness called life, the sense of duty and purpose to care for the cats that trusted me to provide for them proved impossible to abandon.
    For many years my cats, saved my life. I shared these feelings with professionals and others, to be told that this attitude was merely a manifestation of my mind seeking some rational reason to live. To this reason being the primary reason to stay alive, I say hogwash. My most recent companion , like those who preceded her,(four in my adult life time) presented through her uncondtional acceptance an avenue to self acceptance.
    I thank the great spirit , goddess and holy spirit for bringing just the right conduit of life to me when needed the most.
    Pusser, Boon, Julius, and Miss Marbl saved my life more a few times. The only creatures of god I could not bring myself to abandon carried the message I most needed to realize. Their natural ability to live in the moment personified what I needed most. Pain, suffering, paralyzed by guilt, shame, and fear of the future disappeared in the eyes and soft sounds of comfort freely offered no matter how hopelss I felt; even on days I was unable to return the attention.
    Despite feelings of hopelessness, uselessness, and unworthiness; seeking relief from these feelings with adminstration of pharmaceutical pills,potions and powders, abuse of potent legal and illegal mood altering substances there was nothing to compare to the comfort and sense of accomplishment found in keeping my promise to an innocent caring for each them until we be separated by natural means.
    More and more commonly, animal companions are helping veterans recover from devasting episodes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism spectrum children connecting for the first time, and socially crippled individuals achieve self acceptance. I will probably never know how this bond is formed, or why it is so effective for balancing human emotions. Fortunately, I do not need to solve the mystery of healing power. I only need to accept the spiritual healing inherent in this bond; granted when given without asking.
    Thank you to all the animal sentient angels living among us.
    Thank you for the miracle of unconditional acceptance ; making the unbearable, bearable until I could travel life’s path with reasonable peace of mind, moments of joy, and fear of the unknown held at bay in the eyes , actions, and mystery of my feline life companions.
    Grateful for new life.

  12. Abigail Ext 9570

    What a very nice article you wrote. My main guide sends me animals all the time…. then I interpret what he’s tellig me through the animals I get. Animals are so amazing….
    Many Blessings

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Bridget,
    loved your article !!!!!
    Yes…animals do have souls and we do have Karmic connections to our animals. The kitty that killed that snake under your Fathers’ chair was not there by coincidence, but rather there as divine Karmic plan ! Great power point in that example in your article by the way.
    I view my animals, sometimes, as guides sent to me in a different form.
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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